Question about gg4 veg time

I’ve had one successful run with a gorilla glue #4, with a beautiful outcome considering I had to hide her in the woods while in veg. During the winter…(which obviously triggered flowering so training wasn’t completed) I have some autos seeds ready to order, but due to funds, and the time frame of delivery, I have germinated the last of the seeds, and plan to keep clones. Question is, how long until gg4 reaches maturity? I don’t want to start in 12/12 but instead want to give them 18/6 until maturity. To maximize vertical growth, so I don’t loose out on whatever training would be possible in the veg time frame.
[1800 watt cob led
50/50 perlite/coco mix
H+g cocos with root excelurator and nitrogen
Temps between 71 and 79
humidity during veg 60 to 70 percent.]

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You sound like you know more than me. So I might be misunderstanding your question altogether. What someone recently told me is “maturity” is basically depends on the amount of space you have. More space means bigger more mature plants. Less place your plants will reach maturity much faster and be smaller. I don’t know if this answers what you were asking.

I apologize… Sexual maturity. (I didn’t mention before, but they are photoperiods) I can flip to 12/12 whenever I’d like. But she won’t flower until she preflowers first. I guess I’m trying to maximize the light, while minimizing the time.