My first time running a gg4

Here’s my Tony Greene GG4 RIL clone I was gifted by a local grow buddy. I’m planning on flipping her next Friday.

Growing in a 3.9gal autopot with 70/30 coco/perlite vegging with urban farms Texas tomato at 700 ppms flowering with maxibloom powder at 700-900 depends on what the plant wants. So far she’s been fairly hungry.


Nice canopy @Oheeeoh I’ll be watching your progress.


Looks like youre doing an amazing job! Excited to see your progress! Keep us updated!


Nice plant. I will tag along. I love updates :blush::v:


Lots of bud sites on that one.


Nice plant! Let us know how it goes in flower :call_me_hand:t3:

She had a big week last week.

I’ve been trying to get a cutting to root before flipping her to flower. Last cutting I took was a week ago and I don’t see any roots yet. I think I’m going to let her veg another week before flipping.


Flipped the light schedule 5 days ago. She still seems like a happy plant!

Happy growing!


She is very healthy and happy :blush::v:


I looked at my calendar looks like she’s on day 11 of flower. She seems to be cruising at the moment.

Here’s a close up of one of her young flowers

Those bug traps they sell on the auction site seem to work great. I’ve never seen a bug flying around this plant. Blows me away every time I look at it how many gnats this thing has snagged.

BONUS GROW: Same friend that gave me the GG4 cut gave me a TK cut. He had one in flower when I visited. Smelled like pure gasoline. Crazy terps! I’m excited about this one. The two seedlings in solo cups are Tombstones that I’ve grown before. They come from strong lineage.

Everyone have a fantastic weekend!


Looking great @Oheeeoh. You have a great weekend too :blush::v:

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Well I had a bit of an issue that I believe was caused by an I’ll-timed flush at around day 10 after flip. She’s been better the past couple weeks since I changed her over to maxibloom

My triangle Kush plant is rockin and rolling about 10 days since flip.

Everyone have a spectacular day. :partying_face:


Well here we are at week 7. She’ll finish week 7 on Monday. I looked at her trichomes yesterday they have a few weeks left I’m thinking this one will end up going 10 weeks or so.

It seems like she’s recovered nicely from my accidently starving her at probably the worst possible time.

Here’s my Triangle Kush plant. Just finished week 3 yesterday.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Another week flew by we’re still here!

She’s cruising right now. Finishing her week 8 tomorrow. The trichomes look like 2 more weeks. My friend that gave me this cut said he flowered his for 10 full weeks.

The TK plant finished her week 4 Friday. Her pistols are starting to turn orange a little. Seems to be stacking very nicely!

Still having fun. I got a couple tombstone plants in my 2x2 veg tent that are going in to the flower tent as soon as the GG4 plant is done. Everyone have a great Easter.


Gorgeous plants and super training job! Happy Growing :v: :slightly_smiling_face:

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