Grow#3, Gorilla Glue #4

Hey gang!
I Got a gg4 clone off a buddy, transplanted it out of a solo cup into a 7 gallon pot with happy frog on may 26th took about a 3-5 day’s to rebound. Its in mid to late veg right now, gonna switch it to flower in the middle of the month after a topdressing. First grow using organic nutes, grabbed gaia greens 444 and 284, just gotta pick up some worm casting from a local shop. Used distilled water for the first watering just because i was waiting on a ph pen to come in the mail “calmag problem starting from the distilled?” I’m gonna start using water from a natural spring from now on. Gonna grab a couple clone cuttings before i flip it also.

Pre Transplant

Transplanted and tied down

Few days after transplant

Today June 3rd


Sweet :slightly_smiling_face:


Very nice, good growth.


June 8th

3 days after giving it natural spring water phed at 6.3, still training it filling that 2x4 out nicely. Gonna flip it to 12/12 in a week or so.

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June 12th


June 23rd flipped to flower

Took clones

Pre defo

Defold and ready for flower

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June 27th

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July 9th

Day 16
Week 3 of flower

Clones from that plant I took a week before flower. Need to transplant them