Question about chopping in layers

I am finishing up my first indoor grow with two plants. one got the chop yesterday and i took the scrog down, leaving the second with a large room to herself. i was able to spread her out a bit and uncovered what looks like almost half her weight in unripened buds that never saw the light. i’ve read here and there that folks will just chop the tops and let the bottom ripen. how long does this second wave usually take? wish i could remember who did this.

also, i’m almost a week into flush, so at least want it to go a few more days, but she will eventually run out of food so not sure how much will be gained once the nutes run out either. do you restart feeding after the initial chop? not sure i really want to restart the feeding and then flush process again, or maybe it’s not necessary if these bottoms ripen quick enough.

the bottom growth is downy white and chocked full of clear and cloudy trichs. bottom sugar leaves also showing zero signs of fading yet.

I used Adv Nutrients in coco.


Up to you how long you run it after the first chop. What I saw though was the plant was so late in it’s life cycle that it really didn’t do much. A couple of weeks is all, though.


my plant is too late or one you ran?

I’ve done it.
I usually give the rest of the plant another week, 2 tops.
No more feeding, let it use the last of its resources. You’ll know when she’s got nothing left. Every leaf will have yellowed and fallen off.


i feel like timing it without chopping the tops is hard. i have a lot of amber without the leaves fading. seems like on both fronts it makes sense (at least in this case) to take the tops and let the bottoms run a little longer. tops may be a little harsh with the flush not going long enough, but don’t want them to lose too much potency.

The problem with scrog style is that everything below the immediate canopy doesn’t get enough light to mature. For that reason, and several others, most people trim back everything up to the net. It’s a good practice and allows the plant to focus on developing the top colas, not the little undelivered larfy stuff.

Not to mention airflow, ease of feeding etc.


hmm. thought that was part of the idea of the scrog was to space stuff out and get the light to penetrate. all of this was actually above the net- there’s not much fluff either. the immature buds are still pretty solid. just the colas grew several inches and only the top 1/4 to 1/2 turned colors. i don’t think i did the best job of scrogging tho. plants vegged too long and were too big. way more obvious now that i spread one plant out to take up almost the entire tent previously occupied by 2. maybe there’s something to topping a few times and getting smaller colas in greater number.

I’ve harvested in “parts” a number of times in a scrog. Never once experienced a problem with it.

I like drinkslingers two weeks method although I’ve given as many as three weeks, but at some point the plant will realize is life as it knows it is coming to an end being an annual and will eventually begin to “seed out”

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ah. well we already got those. so maybe just a few days for flush and on to the next.

also think it’s safe to say my scrog looks nothing like yours :joy:

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Well I’ve done quite a few scrogs lol and I have scrogged allot of different ways trying to figure out which I like best.

I’d say yours looks a bit like an NYC DIESEL I grew

Harvested this whole plant at one time though

This plant was harvested in layers, 3 to be exact

And this one was harvested inn two layers


Another layered plant

I looked this chemdog but it was all taken at once

But I think my scrogging days are over @Agrestic

I have a need for quicker turn around times so I’ll be growing more butt smaller plants from here on out


Then there is my current plant

You’ll notice they all look different lol

@Myfriendis410 has a very consistent look with all his scrogs unlike myself


Looks like mine haha.


oh i’ve seen these, and believe me, mine didn’t look anything like this. i only spread her out two days ago after i chopped the first plant haha. better late than never? good lesson for the next grow…

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i’d love to just do a sog but we have a 6 plant maximum to keep things legal. kinda silly, they should’ve done square feet or something cuz technically i could grow 6 monsters like yours.

mine looked a little more like your chemdog, and even then… meh, not quite. i was a little timid with how far i could push things and i let them veg too long.

that NYC diesel looks like it was a BEAST. those colas are huge.

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this was yesterday. i think next time i’ll top twice and veg shorter. should get smaller colas.


Look good to me the way they are

thanks. it’s just the under buds that are pretty raw. maybe that’s normal? i was just surprised to only see like 25% of the plant purple after looking at the colors for so many weeks.

This is my other plant right now, it’s literally only being spread by the net, not connected at all


Ya where the most intense light is will do all sorts of things to the leaves.

You can dump 1800ppm of nutrients into a hydroponic reservoir and burn :fire: the crap out of the leaves exposed to the light butt still have nice green leaves buried under them all