Pretty bummed about second grow

2nd grow that’s currently going right now.
I had a couple a of specific questions regarding two different sproutlings in the tent. So I decided to see if I could get some wisdom from someone with more experience than me. So I posted on another grow app/forum the specific questions I had about the two different sproutlings.
Boy did I get a response. I was told I was over watering my plants. Mind you in the post I had said “ I watered a bit just now before lights out.”That if I didn’t get the Photone app I wouldn’t grow good weed. Mind you this person was trying to “sell” me on something he, maybe she idk, doesn’t even use.
This person procided to ask me about temps/humidity type of soil or coco lighting nutes etc etc. All this info was in the initial post, but I still got an earful telling me the temps aren’t good my soil isn’t good my lighting isn’t good blah blah fucking blah. The two question were still not answered. Not even after I pointed that out. Still took a couple back and for comments before answering.
I was truly excited about this growing venture. Happy to grow my own medicine learn about this amazing plant and be part of a community that I guess doesn’t look done on other up and coming growers. Growing was all I thought about constantly trying to learn something new constantly trying to ready and watch vids on YouTube. (I garden so I still can’t stop thinking about growing cannabis)
I’m not trying to be professional or anything but I am trying to improve. But now I’m almost not into it anymore. I was told that you’re part of a community now that’s unmatched. This is the third person in this “community” that made me feel belittled and unworthy.
Idk :man_shrugging: sorry for being emo. I think I’ll just pull my sprouts and just say fuck it and go back to despo flower.

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Hell naw! You don’t quit your passion cause of some backwoods dipshit that thinks his 1/2 ounce harvest is the fire shit from another dimension. Hell naw!

You do you bro. Post your questions and let’s see what you get.
It’s ok you took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong side of weed forums. Sometimes the GPS is stupid. But you’re in the right place now.

So ask away bro or sis or whatever man! and welcome!


@Bamarayne I did ask it in here I believe. Topic is LST right out of soil? Idk don’t remember.
I’ve always wanted to be part of something or a group or a community. I was the only child. So I tend to care what others think more than normal.
One of the many character defects I am cursed with…


Dude or chica is probably a veteran in this community as well and I most likely will not use this platform either. Lol or he’ll block me like he did on the other. Lol if that’s possible in here.

I don’t know if that’s possible or not, but don’t sweat that crap. People think their shit doesn’t stink and their grows are the best on earth.
All that matters is you’re doing what makes you smile on the inside.


This thread?

Looks like a good thread. Would make a great start for a grow journal (kind of a personal blog thread we start individually)!

As a whole, this is a pretty great community. I’ve only been here for a few months, but everybody is pretty nice. There’s always little scuff ups here and there, social media stuff, but as usual it mostly all falls back on some miscommunication common with text media.

I would recommend trying to leave the “other” forum behind, and just carry on here. You won’t be mislead, and these people really want to help others succeed. Sure, you may get some constructive criticism along the way, but it’s all only meant to better your results. Heck, you can even seek out a dedicated mentor here that would be more than happy to handhold any step you’d have issues with. There’s no PMing here, but if you want an individuals attention, just put the @ sign in front of their name, like this @DevanGuy56288

I’ve only been through a half dozen or so grows now, so I’m pretty green myself, but stick around. Take it from another only child, this place is as good a canna-home as you’re gonna find :+1:

And welcome aboard! . :pinching_hand: :grin: :+1:


Yall need to direct him over to Kaps thread, lots of girls getting abused with LST and smiling about it.

Too many good growers with big hearts around here. We hope to meet your girls.


Well I hate that you got that impression from someone on this site, but it sometimes happens.

I, for one, can tell you that your passion for growing is much like mine and if it brings you pleasure, continue. You’ll maybe run into a know it all here and there, but for the most part people here are helpful but also we all are feeling our way through each grow.

I would not let a comment here or there keep me away from what I truly enjoy. Definitely tag me in future questions… I very well might not have a good answer but rest assured I’ll never belittle you or anyone cause I’m just a dude try to grow some weed.

This is an example of what I’ve accomplished with the help of this site…


@DevanGuy56288 For what it’s worth, I have been calling on this forum for about 3 years. Not sure if I qualify as a member, but why I am posting is to say from day 1 people on this platform have assisted, encouraged, corrected and in every way supported me with my grows. In fact, throughout my 1st (maiden) grow I had members holding my hand and talking off ledges MULTIPLE times daily. And all of it without judgement or any type of personal assaults. So, my personal/growing experience will tell you that you are in good hands here.
Happy growing & best of results…! :potted_plant::peace_symbol:


You got that here? Tag me in the thread.


No it was on this app called “bud”


Other sites suck


We are here to help with whatever situation you may have. Glad to see you here apart of the community.


Thanks for y’all’s support and encouragement. I still haven’t pulled the sproutlings, can’t bring myself to do such a thing. Here they are. I’ve had a few come out the grown and lay there selves down as if they LST’d themselves. This was one of the original questions…. “Do I leave them be and they will straighten up on their own or should I throw in some support”. I have since put in some support for them hoping that will strengthen/straighten them up. They seem to be happy from what I can see or tell so far. Referring to cloth pots.
As far as the hard pots they are experimental I guess. Blue and green pot I mixed a little bit of coco into the soil same as the pot with the two sproutlings in one.
Now about that….I found those beans in a half o… I germinated them for fun… they popped… so threw them in a pot. This was a “original” question as well.
I thought photoperiods were stronger and more resilient. But they seem to be struggling all the other girls are autos and seem to be thriving… idk.
Oh btw all girls are 10 days old.
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I’d leave them be, they look fine to me


Dont let a couple negative people ruin it for you. This place is filled with great people willing to share info.
A lot more good growmies than bad.


Because I am still a novice horticulturist I tend to shy away from offering advice here. I don’t feel qualified among so many members who truly know their craft. But one thing I have come to accept as a montra for my grows: “what would Nature do?”. If you have the space & time I would let them grow :potted_plant::peace_symbol:


They look good, I don’t see any real reason for concern. Just make sure you’re phing your water and letting them dry back good in between waterings.


I looked around a bit before coming here. I actually bought my seeds from here before I knew about the forum. No one here will belittle you. Everyone here wants nothing but success for you. Now if you have subpar equipment, the growmies will at least give you the why and then you can decide if you need/want to make a change but no one here just blasts you with you are doing it all wrong. I would stay stick around. Maybe lurk in the background on posts that grow similar to you or have really good info and just watch the feedback. Nothing but love here. Stay awhile Devan.


Very beautiful plants. Great job :clap: