Wore out my Welcome

So have i been flagged for posting too much or being aggressive or something? I will admit ive been spending a little too much time in forums and maybe offer too much advice or not enough idk. But there is an undeniable lack of response to my threads and posts anymore that makes me feel ive screwed up here somehow.

Im here to help as well as learn. That zweet inzanity in fact is only my 4th grow ever. And that giant bruce banner auto was my first and second grow ever. So minus the schooling that gave a me a better idea of the how to grow plants, Im just as new to growing weed as many of you. Just hit 2 years tbh.

If im completely mistaken or on point lmk either way. Because if its a me issue id like to know and address it so i can become and/or remain a valuable member of this forum.


I haven’t seen such posts from you. Are you referring to a specific incident? The posts I have seen from you have all been well received.


Are you posting long winded responses? I know I struggle with keeping up with so many threads that if I get wayyyy behind or come across a short novel response I scroll past. :man_shrugging:


Nope nothing in particular. Just overall i guess. This is definetly a sign i need to get out and find some friends too lol.


Long winded is the difference between hasnt smoked yet and ripped. Chances are if its a novel im sober af and early in the day :slight_smile:

While random incomplete thoughts are sure sign the weed is working


Bummer, don’t leave! I personally haven’t seen anything off-putting or anything.


Think about this. You have an expectation from the site that isn’t being met. These are just rhetorical questions: What is that expectation? How is it not being met?


Not to worry. When I first started my journal, I had a lot of responses to my posts. Now only a few. When you first start one, people want you to feel welcome so everyone responds. As your journal grows and continues, people tend to just hit the like button and move on. I dont take it as I did anything wrong but people are busy in their own world trying to catch up. I know my friends here are still my friends. And you are one @Ebb


Thats a great question and follow up. Truth is unrealistic expectations conjured up in my head that are a direct reflection of my own insecurity caused from long term isolation of society and a need for constant approval of my peers. So definetly a me thing i need to work on more.


Ouch. Not what I intended to imply. Sorry.


I’d point out that instead of posting every thought as a New Topic (seems like every time I blink there are 25-30 waiting Notifications in my que) concentrate on having a journal and find out who are your people in here. Visit their pages and invite them to yours. Develop friendships.


People get flagged here all the time. Most take the hint and don’t do it again. A few push back and they’re now on IG or somewhere else. I can’t say I’ve had any issues with you: you have been a valuable contributor and would hate to see you either unhappy or leave.


Not implied at all. I just worked through what you said before posting a response. And it basically just boiled it all down to personal insecurities. Hence this sad thread to begin with lmao. I appreciate the question because it allowed me step back and see it outside of myself.


We all have our own similar issues. Everything I’ve seen from you has always been helpful.


Appreciate all of you and thanks for the support. Definetly not going anywhere except maybe outside lol.


I have liked all of your responses. You come across as someone that knows what your doing. I am giving you an invite to my thread.


@Ebb, I think you have a journal, right?

You are a very honest, open person. :+1: I have my fair share of insecurities, too, it sucks. :vampire: :grin:


Yeah, I just saw the tracking for it. I’m now set to Watching. :yum:-looking harvest there!


Keep posting! I enjoy reading through people’s responses but I rarely comment, yours are more than enjoyable to read and add valuable insights! Lots of knowledge can be gained by watching other people solve problems they come across and I appreciate everyone who shares.


Like the others I have been reading and likening your posts