First Timer! Trying to get some knowledge!

what is up community!!!

Welcome. Do you have some specific questions? Note that as a new member you’re limited to a handful of posts per day. Make them count.

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Welcome to the community!

Thanks man!

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you!

What’s up ,Welcome.New guys have to share their weed ,it’s like getting jumped into a gang, Just kidding LOL


:rofl::rofl::rofl: best welcome yet! @Mr.T88 Welcome to a great community!!

That is hilarious and sounds like I will fit right into this community :rofl:! So I was trying to learn how to post when I made this one. I have now created a new one with Girl Scout Cookies Extreme. Sorry for the confusion l I ke I said newbie over here.

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How do I make a post. I just joined the forum today but I don’t see where I can post or ask a question.

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You will just randomly get a notification in your profile that says “thanks for spending time with us” that will unlock ur new post ability. Hang out for a bit, read some stuff.

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Sup y’all?! Welcome!

Welcome to ILGM forum @Mr.T88 @panahnah-Kush

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