Please! help me figure out what this problem is?

Please can someone help me out here? This is my first indoor tent grow. I’ve got an 8x4 tent with 8 super silver haze growing. I have 2x 1500w led lights with veg and bloom switches on them. I’m growing in happy frog soil and watering with ph 6.3 water. The temp is at 73-78 degrees and humidity around 58%. The last watering I added fox farm plant food to the water thinking they may be lacking in something. They are a little over a month old. I had the lights and ventilation running 24/7 but just switched to 18/6 yesterday, and both the grow and bloom lights on. The leaves are crispy to the touch. I’m including pictures of the leaves so that you can see my problem and maybe give me some advice or let me know what you think the problem could be.

2 things. By chance did you get the leaves wet when you watered with nutes?

How much nutes did you add to the water? The recommended dose from manufacturer?


Hey Zee, No didn’t get the leaves wet. I was using straight PH water up until the last 2 waterings. Then I used ph water with bat guano, and that didn’t help, so I bought fox farm plant food, and that didn’t seem to help either. The fox farm called for 2-3 teaspoons per gallon and I put in the 3 teaspoons. funny this is happening to 7 of 8 plants. The 8th plant is going super good. Just very confusing.

Am no expert, let others chime in. Sounds like you nuked it, most experienced growers recommend you start with a 1/4 of the recommended doses, because manufacturers schedule is aggressive and causes nute burn. Looks like they will recover, some plants love love love nutes… genetics :slight_smile:

Did you get PPM readings from your last watering runoff?

Yeah the recommended dosage is always a little stronger. Remember they make money off you buying more so the quicker the better for them.

Nice talking him off the ledge Zee :+1:t5::ok_hand:t5:

Looks like a Mag deficiency. It starts as light yellow boxes between leaf veins. Then darkens and gets crispy. Have you supplemented any calmag or epsom salt in the grow? A good dab of it should fox her up.

Also u didnt mention the ph of your feed. After u mix in nutes it is imperative that u reph ur solution. Nutrients drop ph of regular water like a rock. I normally have to get it back up into range.

Watch that 6.3. FF soils tend to trend downwards so id go in around 6.7 nexttime if possible. And check ur runoffs.

Last thing. U said 1500w lights. Which ones? Can u grab a link from amazon? And how far from plant tops are they?

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I agree should be running cal mag, would much prefer pictures in white light.

No nutes!


Thanks, guys. Yeah it’s not the nutes, Just gave them yesterday, this has been going on for about a week, gave them nutes to see if it would fix the problem. I put a picture of what the nutes are in the plant food I gave them, as well as a picture of the lights I’m using. I have 2 of these lights in the tent and they are 30" above the girls. I have not used any calmag or epsom salts but will give that a try. How do you use epsom salts, haven’t heard of that before. Only have grown once before and got soiled because everything went perfect. Water ph is 6 - 6.3.


In happy Frog for a month? Around proper time to start a LIGHT feeding regiment.

Calmag is more then likely ur culprit as said a few times. @Budbrother uses epsom salts as a Mag supplement. No idea the ratio he uses but the proof is in the pudding. Epsom also contains Sulphur which is CRUCIAL for terpenes and smells.

And the lights say 24 inches from the ladies. Make sure u got that distance

1 tbsp/gal per week for Epson Salt
. Or
1 tsp/gal 3x week on each watering

I did have them at 24", but the leaves looked like maybe they were being burned so I moved it up to 30". if this fertilizer helps I’ll put it back to 24". I also ordered the calmag, it’ll be here tomorrow.

24 was the minimum. Rock with the 30 if the girls like it. Always listen to ur plants.

I’ve got the exact same problem in everything that I looked up said it was nitrogen toxicity as now my plants got super green and started to claw now I have a question about my pH I use a pH kit tap water that I let set for 24 hours to dechlorinate then i ph it to about 6.5 I water my plants check my run off and it is in the mid 55.2 to 5.5 is this normal

Welcome to the site… what problem do you have? OP had multiple issues