Plant problems. and I e looked day and night for 3wks now and no bugs found. pls help

Ok I’ve been have a few different problems. Leaves feel very coarse,not so much any more but did have tiny pin pick holes in a few leaves. Only one hole on affected leaves,weird bite looking shape out of some leaves, new lower growth looks like the top is eatin, it turns yellowish then to a brown, tips of leaves are brown on some, and some branches have purple tent to them. I use fox farm grow big and big bloom only. I use led lts, in blk gold soil. I run 24/0 and as you can tell I’ve topped and mainline a while bk. This is my first and just messing w did techniques. In some of my other posts she looks bad and people doubted she live but we’re still here. Just need a Lil help w these problems. I did just repot into bigger pot and then three days later rinsed her because she was turning all yellow. It was my last and only option. I haven’t get in about 30 hrs. I use only recommended dosage of nutes. And if someone can explain how I’ll get a ph of the soil. Getting it out of the run off is extremely hard for me.

I just did a ph test and got a 6.4 (tested 3 time and had a variance of +/-2. Did titration method of ph test

The burn tips is from high levels of nitrogen , cut your grow big in half until it recovers , unless you in flowering you shouldn’t be feeding big bloom yet I don’t think , 6.4 ph is not that bad which is really a normal level , but the brown tips can be from high levels of nitrogen from the grow big . Do you know the N.P.K. Levels in the soil , very important that you have an idea of what’s in the soil before you give liquid concentrated fertilizers , which can cause your plant to burn . Now Fox Farm nutrients can be very strong , so instead of following the feeding chart , cut that measurement in half , “Less is always better when using liquid nutrients until the plant shows you it can handle a little more .” But for now don’t give it no more nutrients until you get the ph in the right range are you will cause more lock up and that won’t be good . We can see you did a good job on topping and creating a main line manifold , but don’t get impatient or try to rush the plant , so for now PH your water at about 6.0 and it should run out at 6.5 which will stabilize and balance your soil . So water normally until you start to see signs of new growth before you start feeding again , but your soil might have levels of nitrogen in it already and by adding liquid nutrients , you can be over doing it , but keep a eye on it and wait until the plant talks to you and let you know it’s recovered before feeding , I hope this make sense and be patient , sometimes it takes at least 3-5 days to see changes , if not a whole week .


Oh and another thing give your plant at least 6 hours to rest , you don’t have to run 24/0 , you can run 18/6 and it will be just fine . The only time I run 24/0 is waiting for a seedling to sprout , once it sprout above ground I put it on 18/6 , even auto flowers I put on 18/6 .

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also I didn’t realize it but just read your suppose to have both 2700k and 5000k lt going for veg. Is that the same for flower or just 2700k

Also it seems I am still having new growth just doesn’t look that food and also seems to be only on certain branches. But I thought the same as you that it was a ph issue. Here’s a better pic of one of my top leaves w some holes and a bite out of it w weird growth.

One more question do you think she’s healed enough to start flowering? She’s been in ground since mid Dec. Lol but since I trimmed so much early on she had a long road of recovery. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen w this issue. What do you use to bring ph down in water?

Ph down , it comes in a kit with ph up and ph down with a drip tester , I’m sorry I wish I knew how to copy and paste with this tablet , but I don’t . But I can take a photo and show you . But that’s what you gone need to measure your tap water or which ever water you are using in order to get your ph in the right range , and you’ll need a ph pen tester as well or you can used the drops in the kit it’s on Amazon.Com . Now I would switch to flower just yet until the plant is completely healthy in veg or it will hurt your final yield . You want to get the plant healthy in the right ph range before you flip the switch to flower I suggest . I’m sure you anxious to get her bidding , but trust me it’s worth being patient and not rush the process , it takes a lot of patience my friend but the rewards is worth the wait . Figure out your ph levels , learn to measure your water and give the right range of ph water , let the plant continue to recover , back off on the strong concentrated fox farm nutrients just for now until she gets better , by this time she will grow a lil bigger and fill out more and since its main lined it will stretched almost evenly on each cola and than you switch to flower when it’s healthy , because once in flower the plant won’t fix bad leaves or gain new growth , it will stretch to start the budfing phase and if you go in flower with issues it can possibly get worst and not produce .

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Sounds good man. Thanks for the advice much needed and definitely appreciate . I’ll try to remember to post occasionally on my progress, outcome and of course any questions I may have. Lol. Have a good eve.

Here you go this might help you with measuring your ph .


I had to take a picture to post .

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Rock on man. Ty. I’ve got a digital soil meter just dnot like how inaccurate they are. But it’s doing the job for now and I’ve got the ph up/dwn on its way.

That will help you to give the right ph water .


Have you looked underside of your leaves for bugs?
Us a magnifier with about 60x. I have not seen where you might have, so I just wanted to make sure

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That was excellent advice. I would have told him the very same thing.
@boosie21 the only thing I will add is…when you switch to flower as Yoshi stated use only half strength and add 1/4 each feeding and watch your plant to see how she reacts. Also before feeding add your nutrient s and then check the ph before feeding.



I have Def looked under the leaves and in dirt for bugs lol. It better hope I never find it. Lol.

What pH do you want your water. I know the plant needs the soil roughly 6.2-6.5. Is there a standard pH you make the water or do you adjust it to your soil ph?

Also I have both happy frog and ocean Forrest. Is it OK to mix the two togethet