Black/grey spots on leaves

Strain: AK 47 Auto
21 days old
Lights:T5 (have HLG 260Rspec ready to go)
Fox Farm Living Warrior soil
No nutes other than what is in soil
RH; 60-70 percent
Temp usually 79ish with lights on 18/6

I noticed these spots a couple of days ago on a bottom leaf. I thought it was water burn since I spray distilled water on plants. Now it seems to be spreading to other leaves. Only one of three plants are affected. First time grower. Thanks for any advice

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I would just cut off the ugly leaf(s) and watch for more leaves to be infected. New growth looks healthy.

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Thanks neighbor! I ended up going to an indoor grow store out by the casino and showed them the photos. Once they heard they were in that soil for three weeks they told me it was running low on nutes and recommended I transplant into fox farm happy frog. They seemed to know their stuff. I’m going to transplant and take your advice on removing the bad leaves. Thanks!

Sounds like the same store I use, right near the tribal police department

Yes, I’ve always gotten a couple of younger (I’m middle aged so anyone under 30 is young) guys who seem to really know their stuff. They both have been very kind in recommendations - to the point of telling me to use some lightning equipment I already have versus selling me something I didn’t need. II’m a very happy costumer - but I really hope they are giving good advice.