Plants with Differing Age. Same tent

4 plants , 1 ready to induce flowers, 3 are three weeks less. Requesting input moving forward

Welcome to ILGM. Need a little more info. Are they autos, or Photos. Were they started at the same time. Is the question whether or not you can flower and Veg in the same tent. :+1:

Thank you. For clarification, 1 Cake and Chem plant 6 weeks young (incredible growth), 1 each of Gold Leaf, GSC, and Super Skunk 20 days young (decent growth) . My thoughts are the CakeChem will mature earlier for the lighting change to encourage flower than the other three. I’ve thought of options , however, I have read some thoughtful criticisms on other topics, and I decided to go this route for guidance. Thanks for the response.

OK they are all photos right. If they are and you don’t have a Flower tent and veg tent then you really only have 2 options. Either veg the older one longer until the younger one’s are ready to go to flower, or go ahead and flip lights and see how the younger ones do. They may surprise you. I usually don’t flip until they are 6 weeks or older. I’ve seen people that will flip at 4 or 5 weeks no matter what. Just wanted to also say that if they are autos light schedules are a moot point they will go to flower when they are ready.


Thanks so much for the guidance/ advisement. I’m anticipating you’re correct about the younger ones surprising me. I’m patient. I’m with the Minimum 6 week growth stage as well. Good feedback. I’ll repost progress in a couple weeks.


I came upon a nice support form, so I reposted My configuration and an image of Current results due to diligence in my readings thus far .

Strain; Type : 1 cake n chem, 1 IGLM Gold LeafBag , GSC , 1 Super Skunk seed,

Soil in 7 gallon fabric bags , Roots potting soil

System type? NA ?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? N/A

What is strength of nutrient mix? Buddha 2 tablespoons, hand fed every other day

Indoor 4 x 4 tent

Light system. LED Command Series 800 watt

Temps; Day 74. 2 Night 64

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, Size 6 inch 1 four inch fixed fan, 1 10 inch oscillating pedestal fan ( sim. Air movement)

Ambient AC, Mini Humidifier, Eva Dry De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes,

Sixty days young updating the contented , thriving girls.

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The strains living environment is an average daily (12/12) temp F and % ,74F and 66% The equipment is consistently achieving these readings. I haven’t invested more time and talents finding a constant “sweet spot”. Progress seems to be well, although, I have no benchmark to learn from. Should I continue the mission of that sweet spot? Any constructive criticism is well received.image image image image

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4 plants , 1 ready to induce flowers, 3 are three weeks less. Requesting input moving forward
Different story boy keeping girls company!

For every step I’ve made wrong , circumstances being what they are…image image image image image image