Same tent different ages

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image image image image image I am asking advice for initiating the flower lighting change. The images are of cake n chem gold leaf super skunk and GSC which are 8 weeks for the cake n chem , 6.5 weeks for the other 3 strains. Any input will be appreciated. I planned the light change for last week of June.

OK I’m a little confused here. It looks like to me that some of your plants have already started flowering. Does that mean that they are autos and your wondering when you should change lights for the photos in your grow. If that’s the case then you can flip when you feel that the photos are ready to change light schedule. Really your decision based on what your goals are.

Looks like some are in Flower already.



Thanks that’s helpful. The first grow, I was looking at the top or flower growth as the leaves becoming more dense and not starting to flower. With your information I can confirm the light change sooner. Thanks for responding.

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