Marijuana veg questions

A question from a fellow grower:

They have been in veg. state for 6 weeks & still less than 12 inches tall. I topped 2 times giving me 4 shoots (or bud sights.) Should I top again? I am growing these 5 plants in a 4x4x7 foot tent with a 600 watt air cooled mh lamp. I also put a 120 watt led light & 2 cfl’s 300 watt equivalent. I added led & cfl to boost yield since last 2 grows with 6 plants yielding a little over 1/2 gram per watt. My room is co2 enriched from 20 gal. tanks. I run co2 at 800 to 1000 in veg. & 1200 to 1800 in flower. I have a window ac unit rigged to cool room & keep temp. at 75 F. I also have a dehumidifier to keep humidity at 50 to 60% in veg. & 35 to 45% in flower. I use only the top of their line Advanced Nutrients according to their instruction. The last 2 grows, 1 was bag seeds the last was Blueberry. In veg I’m running 20/2. I am not happy with the smell or taste of the last 2 grows however the bud is C+. How can i improve smell? Hoping the genetic’s in your seeds are better. Do you think I should switch to 1,000 watt Mh or is that overkill? I purchased Super Skunk, White Widow, Cheese, Purple Haze & Blueberry from your co. I go dark for 24hrs. before going to veg. & dark 72hrs. before harvest. I flush 1 week before harvest. Any help will be welcomed.

Well; I do not think you need to add more light. I think you need to grow 2 less plants in that space. Maybe not. I do not like to put more than 1 plant per SF’, Unless thay are clones being flowered after 2-3 weeks. Using a SOG or SCROG method.