Plants drinking less water during flower

Its been around 6 days since i watered, but even the top soil is not dry and pot is also somewhat heavy, should i water it or not?

Grow temp
Day:- around 24-25
Night:- around 22-24

Light:- California lightworks solarextreme 500

Medium:- Living soil, TLO growing

Ph:- 7-7.5 .

Stage:- 5 th week of flower


Id wait till it lightens up a bit to water and id try to get your ph down to around 6.4-6.5


Ph is a little higher than Iā€™d typically like to see in a soil grow, this may be contributing.


Yeah mine def ate less when ph was up or down. That sweet spot.they take watwr every 2 days. Day 27 of flower


What pots are you using? Does it have proper drainage?

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i am growing organic first time and i am not able to lower ph, but at the same ph i am growing from start but there was no problem, that is what i do not understand and my pots have drainage and i dont throw water that is drained in the catch tray as mentioned in TLO growing, maybe they have taken water through reverse capillary action that way they got water from catch tray when needed and did not take from soil, that could also be contributing i think

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If organic living soil it stays moist. No wet dry cycle. Water uptake slows during flower. If living soil ph is not much of an issue if any. Squeeze some dirt. If it clumps its good. If muddy too much. If no clumping too dry. A simple test.

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Hey @pabloescobar what is the humidity level inside your tent?
Do you have an exhaust fan to replace tent air continuously?
Do you have fan(s) inside the tent to move air around plants?
Can you move circulation fans underneath canopy to try and dry out pots?
I would turn your top soil to help dry it out, increase the rate of exhaust fan, move circulation fan under canopy to help dry out soil and increase temperature to 30.

Are you using fabric pots???


This man is in living soil folks. A wet /dry cycle or a dry out the medium will kill his soil.


How late in flowering? Plants will normally cut back on water intake around the 7th week when it has stopped growing and focuses only on ripening flower. Not much water is needed at that point.


If you have good drainage with fabric pots six days is a long time. I never go more than 3 days in flowering stage before pots are light in weight an need water.
Good luck

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Increase your temp to 27 in the day, set your exhaust fan for that temp.
Dial in humidity according to vpd chart and your state of the grow.

Your PH is wrong and that is the key factor here, you need to lower it.
You could make a compost tea or a silica tea, PH it lower and pour it through.
Then do a soil slurry sample to test where the soil PH is at (run off is not accurate in soil for PH)

Oh is critical