First time grower. Watering questions

First time grower here. I’m growing outdoor autos. How often should I water my plants. Soil always seems moist and I don’t want to overwater.
Also, I’ve been told that when the plant starts to flower I shouldn’t water as much. Is that true ? Should I water every other day ?

In containers or in the ground?

Looking at your history of posts and it looks like you have grown before.
Are you having problems?


Are they planted in the ground or in pots? If pots, what size? What kind of soil are they in?

About watering less in flower, that’s not true, they want just as much if not more. It’s only towards the very end of flowering that they start drinking less.


I should have said first time growing it correctly. Last year was a disaster. They are in pots.

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Learn to determine when to water by lifting the pot slightly to see how heavy it is. If you have a spare grow pot just fill it with dry soil and feel how light it is. This will give you an idea of what it will feel like when it needs to be watered. If the grow pot/bag is heavy then it doesn’t need water at that point. After a while you will learn how long it takes to dry out.


I’m having to put my plastic pots in the ground 2/3 of the pot due to heat. Once the roots get hot she shuts down. Doing this cuts watering way back do to it’s ability to seek groundwater. I simply cut the bottoms off the pots.