Help identify my problem

This is how and what I’m using to grow. Indoor grow in a 2x4x60 tent. Seeds are Ilgm Bruce Banner autos. Water is tap water I leave out for 24 hours before I use and ph to 6.2 as recommended by bio bizz. Soil is roots organic original soil. Nutrients are bio bizz I have their hole line of products. Lighting is spider farmer g4500 430 watts. Temps are lights on are 78-82 lights off 70-74. RH is 45-50 lights on 50-55 lights off. I have humidifier no dehumidifier. Ventilation is 6 inch vivosun carbon exhaust and two 6 inch fans I also piped in ac from vent in room. No Co2 and I do not have a meter to check the soil with. This is only my second grow had no problems with the first. I haven’t had any problems till about week 6 in this grow. I’ve been feeding plants the amount that bio bizz recommended. It gets a liter of water every 2-3days. I’ve been told it looks under feed. Should I be giving more water than I giving it now? I’m in week 8 from coming out dirt. I would really hate to mess this up being this close to being finished. Here is a picture. All feed back will be greatly appreciated.


Bump your ph in to 6.8 at 6.2 ypure locking out flower nutes


This is smart… I’ve read this before about keeping the pH @6.8 in flower to allow more of the nutrients needed for flowering to be assimilated. I was like, shit man, i just got them down from 7.5 to 6.4 and now i have to raise it up a few points…LOL. im stll pHing my water to 6.5 though… it will raise up on its own probably. I am in my 3rd week of flower so i have a little time to get it bumped up.


Follow a drench to drought routine with liberal run off Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


Looks undefed for sure…maybe also overwatered?

Cannabis (usually) likes to dry back pretty good before its next watering. I target a ph of 6.5 for each watering but in reality it is anywhere between 6.2 and 6.8…I’d be suprised if there’s nute lockout at 6.2 - what’s your runoff ph and TDS/EC?

At 8 weeks you just won’t turn that plant into a superstar, but getting it some nutes may help get you over the finish line with some decent herb.

Another thing to remember is that not every plant will be a winner or even a success. I kill off many phenos for many reasons…just part of the game. Maybe she’s just a runty, cranky pheno.

Sounds like your grow parameters are pretty dialed to be honest.

Thanks for the advice. I’m feeding them this afternoon when lights come back on. Going to ph water at 6.8 and also going to add some cal mag in this feeding. Unfortunately I don’t have pin to test runoff going to order one today any suggestions on what kind to get. Thanks again

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As @OGIncognito saying wet to dry cycles

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I iue the “apera ph60”, many options out there tho…

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