Plant dropping/fell over?

Hello All!

First time grower here. I check my plant daily and this morning I woke up and she was knocked down😔 she’s in a grow tent with lights , 5 gal pot using A pot for pot kit. 14 days in and using Jack Herer Auto. Temp is almost always between 72-75, but this morning was 78. Lights on a 20/4 schedule. Can anyone tell me what went wrong and if she’s salvageable? Any tips appreciated!

Edit to add: I watered her and propped her up, also added an inline fan(?). Keeping my fingers crossed!

Thank you in advance!


She is looking for light. Lower light. Prop her up. Try to backfill with more soil to strengthen her leggy leg.


I had the same problem last week with 1 of mine.I added more soil around the stem and backed off on how much water and frequency of watering I was doing. Added a nice breeze her way and she’s looking good now. When I transplant I’ll plant deeper up also.I’m also a first timer. You found the right place for solid advice! Welcome to class


Thank you! Are you meaning just taking soil from the outer edges of the pot and packing it around the base of the stem or new soil? Sorry if that’s a silly question

You can do that or add more soil as high as you can and then mound it up around stem. You can take the soil up to about an inch from the first set of cotyledon leaves. If that doesn’t work some sort of stake or paper clip to support her.

@KH1709 personally i would start another pot, premoisten the soil, and bury her half the length she is now. Dont water the whole soil. Also, that cap around her needs to be removed, itll screw you sooner than later. Add a humidity dome (clear tall jiffy cup misted 2 to 3 times a day) when the soil dry out after a few days, use a straw and give em about a half a straw full around the stem , not directly on the stem. You want your roots to search and grow so your girl will have plenty of stability. You want your temps around 80 to 85 if possible. Light around 12 to 16 inches above seedling. Lets dial it in and get this little one back on her feet!


Thank you! By cap do you mean the jiffy pellet? I’m using what came in the A Pot for Pot kit. I wanted something that was simple that I didn’t have to add nutrients etc to. If there’s a better one, I’m all ears!

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Yes the jiffy pellet…they dont break down like they say it does and your roots could become root bound. Youre water stays within the pot and eventually could cause root rot.

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Good to know! I’ll try breaking her out of it and putting her deeper into the soil. Thank you!

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I agree about burying it deeper but I would just pull the jiffy out and make a deeper hole to put it back you probably want a scissors to remove the mesh without harming the seedling. But the roots that form on the buried stem may be enough to fill the rest of your dirt.


Update on this baby:

She did well and bounced back with flying colors! May have trimmed her a bit too much, but learning curves on my first grow! We are a few weeks into flowering now❤️ she’s the one on the left!

Thank you all for your help!!!


Awesome…Congrats! TY for posting the pictures