My seedling fell over, is it too late to save it?

So basically, my light must have been a little too high, as two of the plants ended up falling over. The one I caught pretty quickly I guess, as I just propped it up with garden wire, and it now stands on its own again, but the second one must have been flopped over overnight, and it seems like it has snapped almost about half way up the stem. I’ve had to make this weird little support out of garden wire to keep it from flopping back over. Do you think I should just chuck the one, and get another seed in the pot? Or do you think it’s capable of surviving?
The leafs have pointed back upwards, but it doesn’t seem like the stem will be able to support it

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The seedling is awfully leggy. You need to think about whether or not you have adequate lighting.


They are very leggy…

They will have a better chance of pulling through if you cover the stem in soil.
move the light closer!


The lighting is fine, I just left it a bit high I think. I’m using a spider farmer sf2000 on the lowest brightness setting

Bring your light closer, it’s stretching.
Eventually you can pot it up and burry the stem which will grow more roots out of it


Do you think the bend in it will be fine? It’s hard to see in the picture, but it goes incredibly thin

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I hoped you it didn’t bend… :wink:
You will know in the next couple of days… But If your on a very very tight schedule with very very limited space and have a huge seed abundance… You could probably with much consideration toss it…

Damn that was hard… Giving someone the advice to toss their plant … Maybe you shouldn’t listen to me🙊


It will be fine. You will pot it up in a week or two. Just bring your light nice and close.
Burry the stem when you pot it up.


Gotta turn up the light to max. I have the SF1000 and my plant did the same thing when I had the light at the correct height but had the dimmer on. Turn it on max. That’s you’re biggest problem here.

My plant that started too tall never recovered correctly. Still super tall and thin. Weak yield. I’d honestly tell you to start over. Yes, this plant will grow, but it won’t give you the type of yields you’re expecting.

Just my two cents.


I feel like the effort to save them it’s not gonna pay out , I would advised start again


But it says in the booklet with the light not to put it on full power until they are in flower

I always run my light closer , only problem is that if you don’t know your light that well might burn them , but once you understand your light you’ll be ok

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Depends on the light you are using. You’re current lighting clearly isn’t enough.

What light are you using?

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Spider farmer SF2000 Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Grow Light

I’ll turn it up to 30 percent

Spider Farmer is producing quality lights these days (assuming Samsung LM301 series diodes.) I would turn the light up. It’s clearly not enough given how leggy the seedling is.


Do you run a fan? That’s super important to create hardy plants. You just want them dancing a little not gale force directly on them.


It is suggested that the ideal hanging height for your grow light is 15.5 inches or 39cm


So I started another plant, and it looked like it was going much better, but today I’ve gone in the tent, and it’s fallen over, and the bottom.of the stem is incredibly thin? What causes this?
The one that was almost snapped before has recovered incredibly by the way!

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The first picture in the previous reply is of the plant that had almost snapped, and the last picture is of another plant that was started at the same time, and also had a really thin bottom stem.

Is it from overwatering or something?

if you did everything else that was suggested I would suspect it to be watering or PH


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