Pineapple haze first

So i have a pineapple. Haze that js close to being done, trics are now cloudy but the hairs are still green, anyone have a guess on how much longer to wait? Do i let the hairs change.or what?

How many days in flower are you and what type of high do you want euphoric (energetic and uplifting; sativa) or couchlock (heavy indica high good for relaxing and insomnia)?

Generally yes it’s a good idea to wait for the hairs to change

some hairs don’t change to a darker color, but may just appear tan, gold, yellow…

if the ratio of cloudy trichs is good for you, then it’s time to harvest.

Not sure how long in flower, im looking for the happy up lifting buzz, go mow the yard type with a smile on my face

Most of the tricks are cloudy, cant see any clear ones

you’ve been ready to harvest for weeks…then the real indecision starts

“im looking for the happy up lifting buzz”

That effect is often associated with clear to cloudy trichomes, you might consider harvesting now ?

Regarding the “green hairs” I’m guessing you mean white, usually there’s quite a bit of brown hairs by the time it’s at a clear - cloudy, so that part of what you said doesn’t quite make sense to me, do you have a picture ?

Ill do then, has anyone tried the pineapple haze? Sounded great on ILGM so i ordered them, damn did my seeds come quick, 10 daysto northern mn

pineapple haze is advertised as a CBD (Medical) Low …it should be energetic.

<img src=“//” width=“690” height=“”>

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You’re lucky. I’m going on the 12th day in Georgia and still nothing.

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imo, you should see a pile of swollen individual unfertilized seed pods (calyx) with a couple of dried hairs sticking out of each one, not a tuft of hairs.

They will show up, these people have been great, the support you find in this forum is awesome

So not ready yet?

not yet, weeks yet…you really want that pile of calyxes, all swollen…that’s the density and weight you are looking for

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you have seen photos, a pyramid of calyxes, not a mound of hairs

Ok, ill hold off, wasnt so sure and i didnt want to pass the peak and get the couch lock

Not even sure what those are, and cant pronounce either, lmao

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it’s that last two weeks when the flowers explode, expand…you’ll be happy as you watch them grow bigger