Completely new to this and need amazed I've got this far!

I have put my 2 purple haze plants into flower. One is doing great (that was in veg for almost 12 weeks…oops) the other has small buds with pistils but the top bud looks weird (this was only in veg for 28 days) and has no pistils.

The first pic is the top of the plant (I know it’s yellow) but has no pistils, is it a hermie?

The second pic is the next buds down and although small they have pistils. The rest of the buds look the same as this.

Also can anyone help with why it’s yellow? I was always giving nitrogen and water, and am now using nitrogen, pk 13/14 and water but weening off the nitrogen.

Also are the buds small because I vegged to early?

Any help and not criticism would be greatly appreciated. Like I said I am so new to this & have no green thumb whatsoever.


They’re sativa, purple haze
Grown indoors in buckets in soil (I used an organic potting mix)
Ph 7-7.5
Fluoro lights about 8-10" from the top
Has Ventilation: an inline fan, carbon filter with duct piping
Has a fan for air circulation
Well watered using water, nitrogen and pk 13/14
It was growing really fast and really well and then I got a bad case of gnats which took forever to get rid of and things slowed down and went a bit downhill after that.

The first plant was 18/6 lighting for 8 weeks then 24 hours for 4 weeks then to 12/12.

The plant with the problems went 24 hours with the lights for 4 weeks.
At 28 days went to 12/12 which I’m still doing.

Thanks :slight_smile:`

Also I’m growing indoor in buckets with lights, fan and ventilation.`


@Indigo good morning and welcome to the ilgm forum

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System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor

Light system, size?
Temps; Day, Night

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Zinc deficiencies on some plants will have the Spotting and bleached spots (chlorosis) between the veins first appears on the older leaves first, and then goes on to the immature leaves. It will then start to slowly affect tips of growing points of the plants.

" When the zinc deficiency happens so suddenly, the spotting can appear to be the same symptoms to that of an iron and manganese, "

without the seeing the little leaf symptom.
Zinc is not mobile in plants so the symptoms will occur mainly in the newer growths. Having a plant that is deficiency in Zinc can cause small crops, short shoots and have a cluster of small distorted leaves near the tips. Between the veins (Interveinal) yellowing is often combined with overall paleness. Pale or grayish, yellowing between the veins; rosetted weak is the signs of a Zinc deficiency.
With a low level of zinc in your plants, your yields will be dramatically reduced.
Interveinal chlorosis is present in the small, narrow distorted leaves at the ends of really shortened shoots and the shortening between internodes. Leaf margins are often distorted or wrinkled. These nutrients will get locked out due to high pH: Zinc, Iron, and Manganese. These deficiencies will often occur together. Parts affected by a zinc deficiency are young leaves and petioles.

Zinc gets locked out of soil growing at ph levels of 4.5-4.7, 7.5-9.5
Zinc absorbed best in soil at a ph level of 5.0-7.0 (Wouldn’t recommend having a soil ph of over 7.0 in soil) Anything out of the ranges listed will contribute to a Zinc Deficiency.

Solution to fixing a Zinc deficiency
Any Chemical/Organic nutrients that have potassium in them will fix a Zinc deficiency. (Only mixing at ½ strength when using chemical nutrients or it will cause nutrient burn!)
And any of the following nutrients will fix a zinc deficiency: Zinc sulfate, zinc chelated, or zinc oxides are adequate fertilizer sources for zinc. Or you can bury galvanized nails in the soil. (Make sure you take off the sharp point at the end to prevent roots from being damaged) Garden Manure, which is slow acting. Greensands, Cottonseed Meal are both medium/slow absorption as well.


I’m not a big expert but I would guess you have a hermie, those sure look like immature seeds. You’ll probabky have to trash the plant but get another opinion/s first.

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I zoomed in to try to verify but it’s also what I was thinking.

Why do you think it’s a hermie?

No pistils could mean it’s been pollinated.

Or maybe it’s late bud growth that hasn’t developed pistils.

If you don’t see male pollen sacs it’s likely not a hermie.

I wouldn’t trash her just yet. You’re almost at the finish line anyway.

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She looks like she’s done to me and starting to fox tale not seeing nanners or pollen sacks but at 70 days in flower stress can do strange things[quote=“Indigo, post:1, topic:8997”]
he first pic is the top of the plant (I know it’s yellow) but has no pistils, is it a hermie?

you telling me you don’t see the little brown hairs?
Also if this is top of plant how close is it to light almost looks like light bleaching/burn

Hi Rob,

They’re sativa, purple haze
Grown indoors in soil
Ph 7-7.5
Fluoro lights about 8-10" from the top
Has Ventilation
Well watered using water, nitrogen and pk 13/14


Les, I Wondered if it was hermie coz I have only been using Google to look at images and I can’t see any male components.

Don yes I can see the little hairs and wondered about them but how come all the other buds have lots of hairs and this one virtually none?

What is fox tale?
They’ve only been flowering for 28 days.
Should I just chop that top one off or leave it and see if it starts to get more pistils ?

Sorry for all the questions I am definitely no gardener.

PH is way too high. You want it at 6.5.

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I am not positive but I think I see brown hairs on the top bud (the old eyes aren’t as good as they used to be! ) lol.
You may be dealing with a pollinated bud. In any case, you are almost finished.

If you are in soil, your pH is too high. You should be 6.5 - 6.8 in your water and nutes. Your runoff should be in the same range also. Something you can correct the next grow, it may be too late for this grow. The water pH holds most of the blame for leaf and bud damage in the majority of the cases. See @garrigan62’s note above. Also note that if your water is in the right pH range, it might be that the run-off pH is too high, indicating that salts are building up in the soil. It is not uncommon for run off to run much higher than what you put in. Checking run off can tell you what pH environment your plants roots are in.

You said that you have been in one month of flowering? If you think you are going to go another 3-4 weeks, I would flush it with a gallon of water for every gallon soil the pot holds with pH corrected water. Then mild nutes (1/2 strength) with pH water. If less time than that, might not be a bad idea to let the harvest finish up with correct pH water and start over again. Should still be good weed.

Downloading Robert’s Grow Guide (free) can help you with a lot of problems. I think most of us started with it. Having 10-20% of the water you put in run out usually stops the elevated Run Off pH. The books talks about pH control and watering techniques.

That is just my take on it. Good luck however you decide to go. Jerry

@Indigo, Here is some info on fox-tailing

Foxtailing is also called Crowning. It can be genetic or it might be from too intense of light and/or high temps. It is basically a bunch of calyxes growing directly on top of one another and creates a long tail, crown or spire.
It doesn’t necessarily mean the nuggs will be less dense pre say, nor less potent, especially if it is mostly due to genetics.
The picture below is an example of extreme foxtails.


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Iron deficiency…





@garrigan62 @TxGrowman
Thanks for your info and help.
Can I ask what you think I should do?
Shall I leave it or chop it off?
Was hoping to flower for another 3-4 weeks.
I’m lost. :confounded:

Thankyou for your help everyone…much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pics.
Do you think it will be okay if I leave it for another 3-4 weeks, they’ve only been flowering for 28 days

Foxtailing is as garrigan described and continue for weeks during flower sometimes it gets confused with seed pods or hermi I suspect that is what you have going on it doesn’t mean your plants are done but it can mean buds are maturing at different rates. I know I see brown hairs but suspect with a boost of PK she will actually push out more hairs possibly continuing to stack in fox tales. It doesn’t effect much more than density of your buds and is usually a sign of lighting issues or genetics get the microscope out check your trichs and let her keep a rolling along.
It won’t be sale worthy but still will be good smoke :slight_smile:

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many things can cause this . but the most common is light bleaching . to close to leds is most common. Please fill out the support ticket to be more than a guess as to all your questions . thanx .

Hammer .

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Okay, sounds like a plan. Will try that and keep an eye on it.

Thanks so much for your help. :blush: