After around 4-6 weeks i noticed a abnormality in 3 of the 4 plants

Hello, jesse here. around 8-10 weeks ago i ordered a 5pack of Purple Haze feminized seeds from you which came successfully and all except 1 germinated. At start i was very happy with the quality of the seeds and the plant. Although after around 4-6 weeks i noticed a abnormality in 3 of the 4 plants. They were growing well and started flowering strangely early, which was okay but yet odd. The first signs of bud on the plant happened when they were around 10cm tall which seemed very small. From then 1 of the 4 continued to grow bigger and bigger and is around 35-40cm right now with around 10g of buds which is good. Although the other 3 are still under 15cm and have about 1.5g-2g in buds and have stunted. They haven’t grown at all really in the last 3-4 weeks.

Strain: Purple Haze
Type (fem/auto/reg): Fem
Climate (indoor/outdoor): Outdoor
Medium (soil/hydro/details): Soil with nutrients
pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: Unknown
Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): Nutrient rocks on the soils surface and nutrient liquid with the water
Light type & schedule: 6 hours of direct sunlight with enough 6 of slightly shaded light
Temperatures day & night: 32 degrees in day, 22 degrees at night (celcius not fareheit)
Humidity day & night: 28% - 48% although often sitting on 30%-35%
Ventilation: outdoor wind so consistent airflow
AC: non
Humidifier: non
De-humidifier: non
Co2: natural Co2
The plant with barriers around it is 11.5cm tall at 9 weeks and the other standing 9.5cm tall at 9 weeks.

Well, I can start off by observing that your dark period is evidently 12 hours, which will induce flowering. That’s why they flowered early. And that may be the whole issue, although you really, really need to check the PH of your medium and water.

Maybe you could post exactly what you’re using for soil and nutrients as that may give us another clue where to look. But I really think it’s all light cycle related.


I completely agree with @PhantomFarmer

Good call my friend… I’ll let you take this one…lol

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