Purple Haze Growing

New to Purple Haze growing seeds sprouted in Feb, transferred outside in April
plants are over 7 foot tall as of now 7-4-2021 does anyone know the grow time until flowering starts and how long is normal flowering time? thx Chisum from North Carolina

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Well I’m no pro but I will tell u this. You can expect to harvest late September early October outdoors. Plants begin to flower when light cycle gets shorter. I’ve only grown indoors but knee high by July is a saying we have for corn out here lol. I’d love to hear back to see how tall she grows

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i will let you know thx for the info, that is what i was thinking september. the funny thing is i have nosy neighbors i have 10 plants beside my deck that are over 7 foot tall so i took some plastic flowers and taped them to the stems ( laughing ) two of the nosy people have said they liked my flowers!! if they only knew
thx chisum

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I was curious so went to timeanddate DOT com/sun/usa/ and picked Charlotte.
on 9/25 there is twelve hours of daylight. You are going to have a big girl on your hands. I am not an outdoor grower but I would think it would start showing signs of flowering a bit before 9/25

I’d like to see pictures of your girls?

Flowering of ‘photo’ strains is ‘triggered’ by decreased daylight/increased darkness.The longest day of the year was only a few days ago so just be patient.The days are getting shorter.Your babies will flower when ma nature tells them to.The only advantage to getting them started early is that they spend more time growing larger before flowering,same time as those put out in May or June…:>)

They will start flowering mid august and finish up late October.

7 feet and not hit flower. Hope ur neighbors dont mind the smell of pot lol. If no flower stretch yet u moght have some 12 to 14 foot trees lmao. Hope u have a ladder for them babies :laughing:

yes there is a very strong weed smell but lucky me i have a Sweet Betsy bush close by! i was also worried about the nosey neighbors seeing them from a 100 yards away so i bought some plastic flowers and wrapped a few around a couple stems, so far so good here is a pic…


You should see flowers starting around the beginning to middle of next month.
It’s amazing how some of you can hide such huge plants in plain sight!

Most people are mosey but ignorant/naive….I live in an extremely small town in the middle of nowhere Kansas…this doesn’t mean I don’t have fedex type people walking directly up to my door on a monthly basis sometimes…or better yet the city worker who has to actually come into my house this year to get water samples legit almost every week….from the front door to my plants here’s the view :rofl:

knocks on wood saying people are dumb af :rofl::joy:

this looks like a nice peaceful quiet place to just hang out and have a cold one thx 4 the pic. i forgot to mention that the couple behind me stay out in their yard working most of the day, carol asked me the other day what kind of flowers were beside my deck. i said they were a new kind of mosquito plant that was supposed to be small plants and their scent would keep them away. she asked the name and silly me told her smokems, she said that she had not heard of that kind but have heard of mosquito plants before have a great day man and thx again

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LOL instead of Steve1951…SmokemSteve seems fitting :rofl::rofl: That’s awesome…seriously tho…mosquito plants named smokems I fell out the chair laughin

Lmao. This is the best. I read it to my wofe and she died said good come back buddy. Smokems. Lol. Well u r gonna smokem tho

it was the first thing that came to mind when she asked, thinking about it now…yes it is funny
thx man you and your wife have a great evening

after we chatted last i cut the14 inch tops off and now they are over 7 foot again, guess they are going to be southern cornbread raised big girls

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we have had 17 days with humid index from 100 to 113 degrees here in NC then a cold front came thru, 2 days of cool rain and now 70’s in the days and 60’s at night. Aug 3 my outdoor plants went into flower. thx mother nature

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with all the heat we have had we had a cold front come thru with rain, 70’s during the days and 60’s at night, un heard of here in Aug. the cool air has put my plants into flower

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i tried the split stalk thing when starting to flower on 4 plants, it was almost as good as the bend till it cracks method that i use and then stake the plants up! i will stay with the bend till crack method.
my cure is over and these ten plants net 16 lbs 9 oz! not bad for purple haze. think i will try auto flower Bruce Banner next year. no more 10 ft tall plants for me!
its time to burn one!! have a great harvest everyone!!