Purple Haze 4 plants different heights all planted at same time ADVICE?

9wks Any pointers?
Using Growth,Transition and pushed back 3 weeks to let 2 of 4 grow more other 2 are 2 1/2’ & 3’! 3’ One is considerably darker green than other three, which are a brighter green?

Better Pics today! Just fed so that’s water glistening off some of leaves!

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The only way to have plants that look and grow the same is if you clone them. Growing by seed each plant has it’s own characteristics. One can show the sativa side of the strain, tall and skinny and another can show the indica side, short and bushy.

Not sure how much space you have to grow up? You might want to consider topping the tall ones so they don’t outgrow your space. Purple Haze get very tall during the stretch to flower. I had one outdoor that was almost nine feet tall.

8’ indoors holding back 3 weeks give them more stability. So, as far as they know they’re on week 6

I’m trying to correct my partner’s doings!! Looks like they are rebounding great!

They’re looking very healthy. Well done.

I normally veg for about five weeks then flip the lights for flower. It’s amazing how big they get. Here is my last indoor grow in a 4x4 tent a couple of days before harvest.

I could have squeezed another plant in there but glad I gave them a little space. These were trained to stay low.

Very nice job! Thanks! I’ll make some slight adjustments to my girls! Thank you for input!