Purple Haze height

ILGM site says average height. Since I’m still on my first grow I really don’t want to guess at what “average” height means. All the threads I’ve been through here don’t mention general genetic average height and all the pics I’ve seen so far don’t 'show a relative height so I can make a guess, like a common object for reference.

If left alone will it grow to 3,4,5,6,7,8 feet? Just trying to plan the next grow for methods.

The best guess I got, without grow methods mentioned, looks like they ended up with no more than around 40 inches tall and around 18-20 wide with a natural looking growth habit.

Height : 0.8-1.3m (2.5-4.24’) indoors, 2.5-3m (8-10’) outdoors.


This is pretty much dependent on your environment: light spectrum and intensity, pot size, duration of grow prior to flower, nutrients etc. I did a Purple Haze some time ago in RDWC and was happy with both the potency and the yield (12 oz). Excellent daytime strain.


It can be any of those heights. It just depends on how long you veg the plant for and how good the environment is that you provide for them.


OK then… so there’s no real need for extreme height control methods indoors then. Looks like I could get away with just a single topping each plant and go scrog.

Thank u sir!


I don’t have a ton of experience between strains so I tend to use the heights listed in the strain pages. I was under the belief these were “left alone” heights within the normal growing time frame I guess. Trying to use the rationale of something like, “left alone they’ll grow to over 6 foot indoors” or “compact plant grows to 36"”.

So far that’s how I’ve been using those numbers to tell me how high they’ll get before I start training them so I reach the end of grow at roughly the height I want.

Since I’m currently using 5 packs, and last time only 4 sprouted the tent ended up with 4 plants. Next time around I get lucky and get all 5 to pop, changing the choices I have to make.

From one grow diary I saw, the pics really showed a strong indica leaf pattern which got me thinking these won’t get above 3 or 4 feet in the time frame.

Thanks for the input guys. Always appreciated.

We did LST on our Purple Haze, got to 2ft, yielded approx. 5oz per plant, had 4 in A 4x4tent.

The recommended height is about the only guideline you have available to you and until you dial in your precise grow parameters it will be a crapshoot. The other thing you have to remember is that these feminized, hybridized cultivars will have some genetic variation so once seed could be very ‘sativa’ and the next ‘indica’ or one will be bushy and short while the next will be lanky and tall. This is one reason seasoned growers take clones of a particular phenotype to propagate specific traits.

Look into various training techniques like ‘Supercropping’, LST (Low Stress Training), and use of a SCROG (my favorite). You can SCROG a plant and still get ridiculous yields from a 30" high plant:


Purple haze preparing them to flip on day 51. Nebula’s manifold training

Flip four days later day 55.

I have been meaning to get current heights. Will give you an update when I do that tomorrow.


So between 11" and 16" you’d flip to flower. I wish I had that kind of self restraint but as I’m only about 2/3 way through my first grow I’m paranoid I’ll hurt my yield with a small plant for flowering. I think with the GG I let it veg too long, from seed to flip was 8 weeks and was pretty high when I flipped, from bottom to scrog was almost 2 feet. I did top the plants twice, once for the first split then when they were at net height I pulled the tops on most branches one more time. I think between the topping and lights I may have stunted a bit, at least on the one plant.

This did create a ton of bud sites on which most plants stretched like they should, the one plant is just slow to stretch. It’s also slow to uptake water as this plant isn’t drinking as fast as the others are.

Anyone think it’s ok to defoliate this shorter plant, even though it hasn’t stretched much and is mainly buttons with minor stretch? I guess what I’m asking is at the end of week 3 regardless of how far along the plant is, is the stretch period over for this plant due to the time it’s been in 12/12 or is it possible this one is lagging behind?

I could defoliate the other 3 and wait although if it doesn’t stretch anymore then I’m defoliating in week 4 or 5 possibly if it turns out it’s ripening schedule is the same as the others. What to do…

Been watching the videos on all the techniques, the GG was topped twice and scrogged which feels like it spread things out and gave me more sites. While 3 of 4 are well stretched and since this is my first grow I wanted to try defoliating to see if more light gives better buds at lower areas of the canopy. It’s pretty bushy in there now and I have to fold leaves several times a day to keep the tips getting the light they want.

Just went through your grow thread on these… great work and you can tell you take the time to do things correctly. I do have one question though, what are we all using for photo security here? I already don’t trust iPhone for pics so are you guys scrubbing EXIF data before you post?

Pictures of the plants would definitely help. As stated, it would help you alot to keep everything in one place. You’ll be able to find the info you were looking for alot easier.

But pics of the 1 believed stunted plant is advised before yay or nay on trimming.

@Myfriendis410 that plant still makes me :drooling_face: dude. Im gonna grow some pot outside again one day… grrr :rofl:


I plead total ignorance. I use a cannon rebel camera, transfer to my laptop & upload.
51 days is the earliest I ever flipped. They took off and grew quickly. I am only in a 3x3x7 so I have to manage size. I will get heights today too

Growth info on four purple haze. Today is day 49 since flip.
plant # / height at flip, height today, increase

Flip 7-11 Grow
#1 16.0 28.5 12.5
#2 11.0 19.0 8.0
#3 11.0 20.0 9.0
#4 14.0 26.5 12.5

#1 (partial) is on the left, #4

This is #3


Just out of curiosity, did you top these and if so how many times? These look beautiful btw. The GG is just beginning week 4 and there’s no stacking yet. Seems like everyone’s plants have the look of 10 to 12 cola branches per plant and they all look roughly even and stacked. Our look like little buds everywhere with varying heights on branches at this point. I’m hoping they start stacking up or they’ll end up looking like others I’ve seen where there’s like 4 to 6 buds per branch.

I’ll head over and get some pics, strip and post them when I get back.

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Nebula’s manifold calls for only two toppings. Once the main stem reaches 6 nodes it topped above the 3rd. All growth below the 3rd node is removed. The resulting two mains are grown out to three nodes.
The stems first nodes are allowed to grow out and become primary colas. the 2nd node growth tips are removed as soon as they are large enough. Once the third node is well established, the stem is cut off above this node. This last topping will give you two new growth tips (stems) at the end. This topping technique gives you a total of eight main colas. I think this photo shows the 4 stems / colas on one side pretty well. The other side is the same.

I will refer you to grow weed easy DOT com. Search for Nebula’s manifold tutorial. She has a couple out there. In another article this technique is compared to Nugbucket’s Mainline. This is another pruning & training method that has eight main colas.
This is a mainlined plant. All of the growth is at the end of the two original mains

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Hmmmm… a more advanced technique than the simple topping I did. I’ve read a little about this method but manipulating plants this much at my stage of experience seems a gamble for me. I think this is something I’d do when I’m in a better position to experiment on plant training. I’ve attached some pics of what the current grow looks like at the end of week 3, along with a couple pics of very minor tip burn that showed up after I watered with the molasses.

Today would normally be a feed day, wondering if after looking at the tips I should just water today and let some nutes water down into the soil or if I should just feed the half strength I did the last time.

Also, some tips on whether I can defoliate them all now or whether the canopy is fine without defoliating. I’d really like to make use of the lower bud sites and I’m currently in the camp that defoliating will get better bud structure down lower if I do it now.

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Just to point out if it’s not obvious, the plant on the right front is what I’m wondering if I can defoliate now or if I should wait. I mentioned this in another thread about stunting etc. For genetics reasons I assume, the plant on the front right showed top sights with lighter green leaves than the other plants. While someone did point out that the tops are lighter at first light, these tops were lighter than the rest and the others are closer to the light than the little one is so I suspect the little one does like as much light as the others and was stunted? I turned the SF4000 back down to 200 watts and this went away.

I’m wondering how this light will do with other more light hungry plants. When I read GG doesn’t like a lot of light they weren’t joking. These guys are where they are today basically after living under 200 watts light till now.

Also thinking I’m getting that minor frost already because the lights were a bit high up until now. Yes?

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It looks open enough to not bother with any leaf removal yet.