Plant height ranges tall/average/compact

Hi, does anybody know a general height for what ILGM consider to be tall, average and compact plants? I want to try some gold leaf and maybe silver haze which are both listed as tall plants and only have about 7 foot ceiling height in my tent.

The haze strains generally grow tall especially if it’s and 100% genetic strain; if you want a small plant 2 ft consider an indica strain’s or if want a bit larger plant look at "hybrids( 3 + feet. BUT container size can really make a difference> what size are you going to use 3 gallon, 5 gallon,ect ? what is your L and W of tent?. believe Silver Haze is and Sativa dominate strain and could be growen in a 5 gallon bucket. if this is first grow trend to look at indica’s or indica dominate strains because they can take a lot of abuse (look at plant description)

I am growing Goldleaf as we speak :slightly_smiling:
One plant I trained and it ended being 4 ft 10 in
The other plant I topped and let grow up with no training, it ended at 6 ft 3 in
I also vegged them for nearly 2 months before flowering, and the stretch period ended up lasting almost 3 weeks for me

Edit: these are growing in 70% coco coir, 30% perlite. 3 gallon fabric “Smart Pot”

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I am using 7 gallon pots with ak47 and super skunk, thinking of using 3 gallon for gold leaf. How tall does a tall plant grow, 6 feet? How tall does a compact plant grow? Obviously there are lots of variables but is there a general rule of thumb?

Can’t really think of any rules of thumb that will apply besides plan on indica dominant nearly doubling in size and sativa dominant nearly tripling in size during flower stretch. It comes down to how tall you veg it to until the 12/12 switch.