What Size to Flower Super Silver Haze

Strain; Type, Super Silver Haze

Soil in pots,

System type? soil grow in tent 1.2x1.2x2.0

PH of runoff or solution 6.3?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS Marijuana Booster set as per schedule


Light system, size? LED 300 multi band

Temps; Day, 22-25 degree C

Humidity; 75%-60%

Ventilation system; No

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, Yes

Co2; No

The plants have been tipped and are currently 10 plus inches tall can you advise for my grow room size best height to flower. I have 8 plants and will grow SCROGG style

Pic of current status below

Thanks Jasper

Haze is generally considered “Sativa”. Sativa can take a long time to finish.

In order to finish Sativa in a timely manner; One must stifle the plant by keeping it in a 6-8l pot. Shorten the photo period to 12/123 like in equatorial regions, and plant will finish much sooner and as a more mature plant. You can actually finish a Sativa in 90-120 days if you follow this ideal.

On the other hand; Sativa can grow for months; hence, We have no idea how to judge the length of total grow time. :slight_smile:

Hi latewood

basically i am not worried about the amount of time to finish but my question was at what height to change photo period to maximise the grow space I have.

The plants are in 7L pots, so i i undetan

sorry if my question was not very clear

When you induce flowering (change photo period to 12/12), the plant will stretch and grow 2-3 x’s the size it is at light cycle change. So if you have 7 feet head room, you need a couple feet for the lamp to the canopy. So that leaves you with 5 feet minus the 1 foot tall pot. which = 4’. So you need to flower when plant is no more than 2 feet tall; (2-1/2-3’ including pot