Trying to determine if purple haze is ready

A question from a fellow grower:

t I’m hopeful you’ll give me a little advice, just a little & I won’t hold U to any feedback U give me, regarding Purple Haze. I’m trying to determine if/when it’s “ready”, done blooming. I’ve done lots of reading and the time frame for (1) blooming goes from 8 weeks…to 20 weeks. I’m clueless! I just have the 1 plant (the only 1 that actually grew from the back seed lot–new seeds in very early vegetative phase and growing great). Is there anything significant about the mature plant that will indicate it’s ready to be harvested? (2) It’s not purple. LOL I did some online research on that too; seems some PH strains don’t turn purple. Should I expect purple, or not? One factor that may prevent it from turning purple, is Florida heat this time of year; it’s not affordable for me to lower the temp any lower, so, this may impact the plant. I was very comfortable with growing white widow, but this is, of course, a different plant. Any advice you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, that 1 lowly plant may grow forever as I wait for “purple” or a “clue”! :wink:

You need a microscope or a jewlers loupe to check the trichomes,this is the best way to determine if your plant is finished,moat people harvest when trichomes color is a 50/50 mixture of cloudy and amber trichomes.some people who don’t have a microscope or anything to check trichomes with will go by the color of the pistils,you can harvest when most of the pistils have turned orange or brown and started to curl and recede back into the bud,if you haven’t already I would suggest downloading Roberts free grow bible as this will help you tremendously