Pineapple Haze indoor - 54 day bloom

I got a 4’ tall grow box w/ 150W LED as i am now in a condo (yuck) anyway first grow with ILGM pineapple haze seeds. 2 plants- grew short really, I thought they were going to be really tall so I transplanted 6 inches into soil so it would get a good root base. In the bloom phase it is now 54 days and I still feel they are close but possibly another week?

I dont want to harvest too soon if anyone has any ideas on these seeds, i never grew pineapple haze before or indoor. I cut off a few buds the other day and they get me nice and high even in the premie drying stage, I am just wondering if they will double in size if i wait longer. I did not get a lot of yield on these at all. the buds are nice, but i have grown much bigger. If I get 2 ounces I think thats being generous.

Pics are 2 week flower, 50 day flower at 12/12. I was going to harvest now but need some advice, thanks yall.


Tiny beautiful plants… Good job!
You need a magnifier to see the amber…

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They look nice and I can’t comment because I have not finished my first grow either. But others will chime in and help you out. Keep up the great work

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Welcome to ILGM @carmella Do you have a magnifier or a jewelers loupe? You need to look at the trichomes to determine the percentage of clear, milky or amber!

The more amber makes them more of a night time and more milky is more for daytime use.


some of the bigger colas are milky w no amber, there are smaller buds below that look like they could double in bulk with another few weeks. The top colas have almost 80% brown pistils, not one leaf is yellow. my entire grow was super nitro rich, dark green leaves. got my box from unique hydroponics, ghost pro 4’. its great but i did have to screw in a few screens on the fans, u can see them in the pic. And I hung 2 pantyhose legs filled with activated charcoal hanging behind the box in front of the air vents for calming the smell. I just looked at trichomes and i think I may wait another week and take off the biggest buds and see what the smaller ones do, hopefully double in size. I put 2 in this box, it was a hydro but the bubbler was too loud for me to use in a condo so i improvised and used organic soil. Unique hydro gave a baggy of grow fert and bloom fert for 2 grows, so I will do my 3rd seed by itself. can’t wait to move!! thanks everyone for your responses!


thank you, i checked and they are still clearish/milky. all pistils are almost brow and squiggly, couple of white pistils still there

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Thanks Bob!

Now patience is the key… Trust me when I say that :slight_smile: … I also harvest a little early so…

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Thanks!! It does seem really early for this strain to be ready, it isn’t even 60 days flower, but the pistils are all turning brown, i will wait another week or 2, i have been giving only water now every 2 days do you think I should give it more nutes at this stage?? Thanks again :slight_smile:

Really nice looking and compact, those stems are killer!

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Don’t put it on the strain… All depends of how do you grow that strain… So… If they say is ready to harvest in 60 days for example you need to aspect at least 70-90 days for harvest!

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Thank you, I ready Pineapple haze can grow 6-7’ and had a longer bloom, some said 80 days. so seeing them at this stage now I didn’t want to make a mistake. i will wait a week, then assess I started the seeds 3/17. thanks for your advice, i really appreciate it. :smile:

OK so I did harvest and have the dried bud curing now. The 2 Pineapple Haze plants I would say were dwarf as they didn’t even get to 2 feet tall. I did bury the stem about 6 inches to get a stronger root base but even still they were short in my 4’ grow box. They had dark green leaves and great growth although short though. Both plants harvested a little more than a 1/2 ounce total. .745 oz. i’m a bit disappointed. i have another seed left but will definitely get a different strain next time. i have to grow indoors as i am in a condo but next time I will put only 1 plant in the box, maybe I will get a better yield then. any suggestions for a seed thats good indoors for best yield are welcomed! Thanks. - linda


@carmella most if not all the ilgm seeds will grow well indoors. But there are more factors to consider like the reasons for growing? Specific medical issues, day or night use etc. I know you asked this a couple weeks ago but if you’re interested in looking into this further, let me know! Tag like this @bob31 and it tags me to come back.

hey thanks bob. my reasons for growing are I cannot afford $200 a month for 1/2 oz of weed, plus i want to grow organically and know what goes into my weed. I am in a condo for a year and bought a small grow box. hydro was too noisy so using soil. my big issue was smell, so i created activated carbon stockings hanging everywhere. I am going to try some other seeds. I prefer sativas because i do not like the couch lock. i am an artist so i like to smoke when i work and like the creative mind weeds. so day and night use. i also have pain issues- back injury and RA but still don’t like the couch lock effect. any seeds you can suggest that I may get a bigger yield with in a growbox would be awesome. i am guessing i can do this one more time before my nosy neighbors figure out where the smell is coming from. Last week they said they smelled skunk weed from the people behind them. I laughed, i told them i dont mind that smell, i hate cigarettes, they can smoke all they want. It was actually me smoking below their bedroom so i need to get outta there u know what i mean. :slight_smile: linda.


I do know what you mean Linda! Without knowing the size of your grow box I would probably recommend you grow autos. Unless you’re into LST and SCROG the Auto’s are almost a hands off grow.

The best two strains that ILGM has for daytime pain and creativity that will also help you sleep later on is Chocolope-Fem and Amnesia Haze-Fem and Autoflowering

You could do one Chocolope in a 5 gallon container or two of the AH in 3 Gallon containers.

I haven’t grown Chocolope myself. I have the seeds to grow them, but just not the room right now. I am growing AH Auto’s when I harvest two Blueberry autos in a couple of weeks. @carmella

Any chance of getting a bigger light? The 150 watt LED is probably not enough light. Another 150 would be a major improvement!


Hey Bob,
Thanks for the reply. I will get another lamp for sure. The box is 4’ tall but only 9" deep and 16" wide so it is a stretch to get a 5 gallon in there. I will look into chocolope and amnesia haze- the last 3 strains I tried all tasted awful, one was a diesel but the others were blech. I did get high but I am all about the ambiance, I want the high taste and smell. Now after this last grow I realize I will need to make my next grow realllly high yield for that box because its gonna e hard to get away with it where i live. my upstairs neighbors are the nosiest people EVER. have a great day. if your near the hurricane stay safe, CU


Hi Linda,

I’m clear of the hurricane. I’m in Massachusetts.

So based on the size of your grow it’s probably gonna be restricted to an autoflowering in a 3 gallon pot.

What flavors do you like? The Berry’s/grapes, citrus or more earthy/ pungent?

I’m old school and I like weed that tastes like weed!


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omg I am trying to hunker down here, I have no idea how gulf coast will be. My car was flooded last year and I wont trust it to take me 400 miles. i just put my smaller paintings in my dishwasher and packed everything i could in containers. aaaaak. i have to work tomorrow and cant sleep at all. ANyway… I like weed that smells really dank, you know the kind that even in a bag stinks up the whole car. ANd the taste I like is sweet and fruity as opposed to gasoline. blech. I havent had a chance to check out autoflowers but they sound like the way to go. 10 weeks to harvest! woo woo thats amazing.

I hear ya kid. I love the pan handle gulf coast. I am retired military and that area suits me perfect for the obvious reasons. I was planning a late September trip to the area but decided to postpone.

So now we know sativa uplifting creative that has other than the diesel flavors.

Amnesia Haze Auto is a sativa with earthy citrus overtones. Sounds like it fits the bill.

AK47 Auto is another possible, but it is more of a weedy smoke. Not diesel, but more earthy.

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