Phylos Genetics Growers

Please create a journal for your Phylos grows. We all want to see if the product lives up to its hype.


7 years mites and knats bad karma bud there.

Sorry to beat a dead horse, last time, I promise gromies.

If I could find the journals section I would like to start one. I know I entered my info already but can’t find it now. Smdh.
Nevermind. I found it but it wants me to make a whole new account. They beed to make it so we have 1 acct and not 3. It’s just too much to bother with. You know? We have one for the forum, 1 for the seed bank, and now another for the journals? Too much. Plus I should already have one started and it’s not there. I tried though.

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Newbie here but that’s a phylos to get things a little spicy

Ignore the white widow label, she didn’t pop due to being a newbie so I put phylos in immediately

I did not start an official journal, I just started a topic in the journal thread. I didn’t want to start another account.

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I run my journals in a dedicated thread here in the forum. Here’s an example:


Yes, I went to that category and simply started a thread. I didn’t sign up for another account just to keep a journal.

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Well maybe I’ll just start a thread instead. I am SOOO sure that these 10 are going to be absolutely phenomenal. Only 2 days from putting them into some water and all but 1 had already broke the surface of my medium! I’m so darned excited. Lol!

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I’ve been doing this gardening thing for years now. Every time I lay eyes on them I’m like a fat kid looking in the window of Baskin Robbins. :rofl: :joy: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover:


My Phylos grow of Cheddar Cheese, Pineapple donut, with Runtz and Granddaddy Purp thrown in there. Photoperiod. Coco medium in 10 gal bags under HLG Blackbird at 100% with two CO2 bags and VPD Target of 1.4.

This is day 34 since flip to 12/12