Midwest's 2021 Bubblegum Grow

Just a few days old. House of the Great Gardener Bubblegum strain. I had one started last year but threw it out a few weeks into flowering when I shut down my grow last year.

I haven’t watered soil since she came up. I have a cut one-liter pop bottle for a dome and misting inside the dome is plenty of moisture for her.

I’m going to try vegging this one for 10 or 12 weeks.


Feel like somebody had to break the ice here, good luck here amigo!


She graduated from the dome today.

Her second (first real) set of leaves are appearing. Seems like a fast grower.


I’m sneaking & watching in the background :relaxed:


Mind if I tag along?

I just finished my first grow with 2 Bubblegum and 2 CBD Kush (all photo). The bubblegum ladies turned out great colas. Had a total of 30 nice ones that grew beautifully. Sad to say my last week of checking trichomes I found some bud rot. I axed them all right then. Everyone got a double bud wash. I was able to save about 3.5 ounces dried on the BG after that ordeal. I know I picked up the mold somewhere when my tent was opened to help reduce the daytime temps. I still haven’t cleaned the tent yet. Probably before the weekend. Gonna be watching your grow and thanks for sharing!


Transplanted to a 10" pot. Doing well. I’ll drop her in a 10-gal bag when she gets to that point. It will be maybe 2 weeks before she needs transplanting again.

I like to transplant 3 times so I can bury her up to her neck each time. I can help manage height that way.


Coming along nicely and pushing up the 4th node. First topping within a week.


First topping:

Bubblegum (Seedsman) photo plant.

One HLG 135 Rspec panel. Will add another 135 panel on next transplant. I will add a third 135 panel when she gets closer to flowering.

Happy Frog, no nutes. I won’t add nutes until 30 days after the next (last) transplant. I expect I’ll pot up to a 10-gal bag in another week or so.

The only soil amendment that I will be adding will be mykos.


plant looks real healthy great job bud! i saw you are not adding any amendments for a while but might i suggest you add regen a root and hydroguard. great for the roots and helps keep plant healthy, i use from very early right thru harvest. it helps make up for watering issues

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Sweet! Nice pics! Lady looks healthy and prim! Looks like she oughta be in a textbook. Thanks mang!


Have a happy girl this morning. She’s praying to the light.


She’s been transplanted to a 10-gal pot about a week ago and I’ve turned the light up when I transplanted. She’s now too compact for my taste, so I’ve raised the light quite a bit to encourage her to stretch out.

She’s been topped once and is now putting up the 4th nodes on the primaries. I’ll top her again when she’s tall enough to leave an inch of stump where I top at that 4th node.

She’s been vegging for 4 weeks now. I’ll probably let her go another 3 to 4 weeks and then flip her.


real healthy looking plant there bud!

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Second topping above the 3rd nodes. She’s pouting a bit following a watering this morning, but she will be fine tomorrow.


Growing nicely. I turned up the lights on her this morning. Now running 3 HLG 135 panels in a staggered pattern above her, which is what she will have throughout flowering.

I topped for a second time several days ago. She is recovered and is putting up 4 nice mains.

She’s in Happy Frog and won’t need nutes for a couple of weeks still.

It’s been 6 weeks since seedling stage. I’ll flip her in another 2 to 4 weeks depending on how fast she grows up.


Looking great!


i agree with budz, real healthy looking plant you got there.


It’s a good day for a haircut. Will probably trim her up once a week until she is 3 to 4 weeks into flowering when the stretch is over. Will then start adding a silica product to firm up her structure so she can handle heavy flowers better. I’ll add 5ml of silica over 3 waterings for a total of 15ml. It usually does the trick.


She’s getting bushy again. Can’t decide if I want to top her for a third time or just go ahead and flower her. I’ll figure it out in a few days.


nice bush!