PEST! Idk help!

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So I don’t know what they are but it’s got me worried, so when looking at it it looks white but at certain angles it “shines”
I’ve researched but can’t really find anything on it, do any of you know what it is?
It also appears to have tiny round holes in some of my leaves.

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I don’t see any sign of pests. You do have some holes burned in the leaves from condensation and your lights. Think ‘magnifying glass’.

If you don’t already; buy a loupe or a digital otoscope or something because you are going to need it sooner or later. This is one of those times.


Yeah I was thinking as a preventative to get some diatomaceous earth to sprinkle on the top soil, under pots and around them.
What’s your opinion on this one?

@WickedAle I’ve seen you give good advice as well what’s is your opinion?

And just to clear it up I’m not singling anyone just want different opinions.


What’s the white things?


Yes! Idk what it is.
Also what’s the name of that thingy you use to look at the trichomes, probly work on small obejest like what ever this is.

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Elementary my dear @Watt-Sun!

Good eye.


Could be aphids. If that is happening up top, check the undersides! I’ll best it’s worse.

Spray with peroxide water solution. @Myfriendis410 has a good regimen.


I’ve used DE like this with good results outdoor.

Wet Method of Diatomaceous Earth Application

  • Add 4 tablespoons of diatomaceous earth into a one-gallon container of water with a lid the seals tightly. Screw the lid on and shake vigorously until the DE dissolves into the water.
  • Fill a spray bottle or garden pump sprayer with the mixture.
  • Spray the plants with a fine mist until they are wet but not dripping. Spray the undersides of leaves too.
  • Allow the plants to dry. As the water evaporates the DE is left behind as a protective barrier which adheres to the plant’s leaves and stems.

@Watt-Sun is on point …
Bug issue…
They are tiny little buggers…


@Dickrick527, You can use a jewelers loupe or a usb microscope, both are rather inexpensive on line

So if I don’t have any pests what’s the white dots and the white cloudy smears?

There a spots this morning when I went to check that look chewed, and new growth tips look brown and dead. WTH is going on! This hasn’t happened before, what’s y’all opinion on neem oil, or Insecticidal soap from say Lowes or Home Depot

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@Watt-Sun has a better eye than I do! Good catch.

Stay away from Neem oil, especially once in flower.

I recommend a process like this: spray the whole plant down with 3% peroxide/distilled water, 50/50. Pay particular attention to the undersides of the leaves. Wait 24 hours then spray with one of these two products: ‘Safer’ Caterpillar killer or ‘Captain Jack’s’ Deadbug Brew. Wait 5 days then repeat the whole process.

The two products use a bacteria that is benign to humans and pets but lethal to insects. It does take time to work.

The peroxide may make leaves look a bit scruffy but won’t kill them. Be sure to spray the top soil layer as well.

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Funds are tight right now, what about insecticidal soap, 5.99.

Ohh or DE?

Will one of these work??

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Just get the one that has Spinosad. Safer uses a different bacterium and I actually like it a little more.

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Sweet! Thanks man!

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Go to Walmart. Buy peroxide. Spray peroxide. Then order ‘Safer’ from Amazon. When it gets here you are good.

Smaller Mom and Pop nursery supply houses would be a better bet than HD. My local place carries it when my HD does NOT.


Real quick guys, are these good for what we do? Even outside? @Watt-Sun @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32

Captain Jack’s? Yes