Need help on this!

So here’s what was handed to me, Two plants my friend was growing them inside I usually do mine outside so I’m new to all this didn’t have the funds to do it inside so it outside in my garage, this is what I get set up in the short time that I was able to do something I know the grow space is not great looking at all but I didn’t even know he was going to give them to me, but again I normally grow outside so don’t mind the mess, Now the only question I have is, I only have one dome light set up, I just got laid off at work so that doesn’t help but my question is I have a Sylvania CF 23EL Spiral eight 5500 K 1600 lI men’s on them, Is the light too close is it too far away.
So first and third photo is to see if she’s either female, or flowering cuz it’s outside. Let me know guys thanks.


It’s not flowering but is showing it’s a girl. With the dark pistil it seems she’s been showing sex for a while. Forgot to ask on your other thread how old they are


Again not quite sure, friend gave them to me but I believe he mentioned he was starting it up like three weeks ago minus or plus a day or two.

Also why are the leaves tips curling down and then the leaves them selves I bring them in when it gets dark and I try to keep on a 18 6 schedule but it’s hard cuz I’m in one of those not so happy states and I then the sun I ha e to move according to it daily! Lol but what about the light in general too close to far I know I need like 3 more just need a fixture to put them in.

It’s hard to tell in those pics about the tips drooping. Could be she’s hungry, overwatered, under watered, stressed, starting to get root bound, etc. The light distance looks fine. Again, hard to tell from the angle. What soil are you in and what are you feeding her?

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The one light isn’t gonna do anything is it, also with the new growth coming out the center the tips look brown/dark.
Is it already time to feed? Only been in that soil for a week or so, and I believe they are roughly 3 or fours weeks old in total.
Water- I gave her a drink 2 days ago, roughly half a gallon a piece cuz I made sure it drained good.

Soil- plant on the right is black cow plant on the left is Kellogg organics all natural raised flower bed and putting soil.

That’s the best pic I can do for now, the tip of the new growth is brown just the very tip.

And the more older tips are pointless my almost straight down.
Also the soil when checked with my knuckle is moist


Could be the transplant shock then. See if she pulls out of it in a few days. Careful watering with that black kow soil. If I recall correctly, that stuff holds moisture. Make sure she’s completely dry before adding more water.


Hey @Dickrick527… fellow SoFlo grower, I just came across this one. How are things going man. It’s super hard to do the inside/outside thing hear in soggy s. Fl
Good luck man


Yeah quick question, @BobbyDigital @LoCoRock when I bring them outside, should they be in direct sun, and also for about how long outside??

I have 2 girls outside, but they are in flower and stay out there. What are you trying to accomplish? I saw you say somin about 16 hours??? 12 hours is flowering time…

She’s way to small to be flowering, I’m not gonna get much, two plants were given to me and I’m an outdoor grower and for them to be only a month old(he finally told me today how old they were), I’m at a loss. Idk what else to do @LoCoRock

Leave them out all day then bring them in when the sun is going down and supplement the rest of the hours with your indoor light. So if you’re getting 12hr of outdoor light, bring them in and turn the lights on for another 6hrs

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See that’s the thing I don’t wake up till about 11 or 12 now that I don’t have a job. I’m recuperating from 3 jobs for the last year. How do timers say from Home Depot work??

Also I brought them out in the sun and within 30 mins all the leaves were pointing up is that bad or what’s going on with it

Id just leave em outside and let them flower. OR keep em inside in a timer for 18/6 fir a month…

You would let them flower only at six or seven nodes maybe less than that they’re not that tall?
See the crazy thing is the friend I got them from he kept two and gave me to one of his is already flowering but he’s added worm casting to it what’s a good brand for that?

Or get a couple CFLs or somin and a timer and keep it inside… it will be hard to finish her off outside come January, February

That’s what I was thinking the weird thing is my friend who gave them to me, his is about twice the size andIt’s flowering and it’s in a smaller pot than mine. He also said he use I think it was dark soil worm castings, what would that do?
Tho is his

It’s just conditions man and sounds like he gave it a little food… He’ll need to transplant soon. Regardless if that’s decent soil that it’s in now, you’ll need to decide her path. The 1 -23W - 5000k light on it isn’t doing much for it besides keeping it outta flower for ya. You gutta work with what you have right… Especially your current situation… btw sorry to hear about the job man…

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No problem and that’s what I’m trying to do keep it in veg, but it’s suck a hassle cuz mentioned before I do the outside thing. But trying notes sounds fun, and if it make my plants better/ stronger/ more potent then yeah I willing to learn but I’m no science guy,

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