PEST! Idk help!

Shoot sorry guys forgot to add picture lol one too many doobs today Oops

Any particular favorite brand

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I like the root pouch but that’s what my hydro store sells. I think they are all pretty much on the same level though .

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Is that the one with the flap on the side or bottom of the bag/pot?

Yes it has one on the side with a kangaroo on it

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I like the brand “Dirt Pot”: nicely made and they’re gray instead of black. Avoid black if possible.

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Duly noted thank you sir, I’m trying to find something like marijuana deficiency chart with actual pictures for dummies but I can’t find anything I’ve looked at the charts in here still really can’t narrow it down

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What’s the draw back with black?

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They tend to get kind of warm under lights or when I’m doing my hybrid grows; out in the sun part of the day. Just good to keep the root zone cool.

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OK so my observations are tips of leaves curling down tips of new growth from center very tip brown very thin the other plant dark green leaves with light veins. Picture here soon.

Talons on one, lines from center vein light colored, brown tips only on new growth.

@Dickrick527, you can also find charts here [Charts, graphs, and pictures Members Lounge Pictures](http://Charts, graphs, and pictures Members Lounge Pictures)

I have an easy to make, inexpensive homemade insecticide recipe it will kill virtually any and all pests you have. Take 2 oz of regular roll your own smoking tobacco. Let it soak in 1 gallon of water overnight. Strain it through a coffee filter. It should be the color of strong tea. For foliate pests use your misting bottle. It will kill leaf borers spider mites etc etc. It can be poured directly into the soil to kill mold Midge larvae, those are the little black gnats that people complain about. And yes their larvae are harmful to the hair roots on your plants, and they can kill seedlings overnight. This is completely non toxic to plants and actually seems to invigorate them for some reason. The best part is there is no residual chemicals that will ruin your smoke. The next time you mist, any residue will be removed it doesn’t cause Brown tip. Brown tip is usually caused by using tap water to mist with. I use distilled water to avoid this. You probably won’t have to use it more than once or twice maybe. It will spoil so refrigerate any unused portions immediately.


are you seeing little black flies. Im thinking gnats

I use water from my outside hose.

My recipe will work for outdoor grows as well. Get a pump up pressure spray bottle, do not use an old Roundup container! Mix it just a little stronger a half an ounce or so and spray away watch the bugs fly away and fall out of the sky ten feet from the plant! And tap water out of the hose is fine if you don’t mind Brown tip. Brown tip will not affect the potency of your plant. It’s simply where the last drop of that water sits and dries the sodium and minerals in the tap water is what causes brown tip. I haven’t had brown tips since the second Garden I grew many years ago.

D r o o p tip. Either overwatering or underwatering. Otherwise they look perfectly healthy to me nice little indicas. But only you would know too much or too little.

Does anyone know what this is? Something seems to be chewing off the edges of my leaves. Is this a pest of some kind or something else? Otherwise all is growing well. image image image image

Did you top the plant in between them leaves. That looks.just like the damage done to the shoots between a topping main when you cut it?