Overnight major problem please help!

Woke up this morning and all my plants are super droopy?!? Fine last night and day before were up perky and perfect? Do they need water? Did it get too cold? Please help asap! Also leaves are turning more yellow on other plant and one with buds they’re super droopy please help asap!

More pics. Please help!

What’s your lights out Temperature and how do you determine if they need water?


Looks very dry.
Is the bucket light in weight ?


When they feel life and lights out temps are around 65-70. They’ve never done this ever I’m not sure how it could be the cold.

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Yes but I’ve had the same schedule I’d water them every five days about a gallon Slightly more

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Hey @kjcarr24 looks like a temp issue.
But you need to include metrics for a better analysis of the situation.
Since it is happening to more than one plant tells me your environmental conditions are off.

What and when is your light schedule?
What is your feeding schedule lately?
What has been the temp and humidity?

I’m fairly confident that this far in flower, they need to be watered more often than every 5 days.


12/12 light schedule.
Water every five days about a gallon each slightly more, nutrients every other feeding.
Temperatures have always been the same and they just did this. 65-70 degrees at night.

That was my thought before also but they’ve always seemed fine on every five days. Never once have they gotten close to this^ usually slightly droop at most

Not enough water or given often enough in my exp with buckets.
This far into flower they’ll start drinking a lot more as they transition and swell.
Water to runoff and let the buckets get light.
Probably take 2 plus gal to get any amount.
This far in flower mine will usually require every 2-3 days.


I’ll do two gallons from now on and I’m gonna water them this very second. I’ll be right back.


Do you have plenty of drain holes in bucket.


Yep about 12 in the bottom. Drainage never been a issue either


Agreed soak the bucket til totally saturated, water more often. :green_heart::pray::v:


2 gallons sounds like a ton of water, I water 1.5 gallons in 15gal pots

Just a heads-up, keep a close eye on both older and younger plants. With this kind of stress your buds may develop nanners and pollinate your younger girls. :+1:


Watering them heavy literally now anybody know why it’s such a yellow tent to the leaves of my plant on the left? One on right never had that problem

Is there a tray or catch basun that they are sitting in? You want the medium to fully saturate. Most water will run off superficially. I let mine sit in the liquid for at least 30min+ before removing if needed.

Usually I set the bucket in my tub and pour a gallon or more in evenly like that. Are you saying I should let them soak in tub and pull up from the bottom for a few mins?