Overnight major problem please help!

What are you feeding her at this stage?

Also guys just watered both two gallons of water also with nutrients as it’s that week they get them. Both are sitting now soaking it up, buckets were more dry than I’d like ofc

It was 1.2 gallons of water every five days then fox farm trio nutrients and have built that up from 1/4 originally to full on what they need. I give nutrients every other feeding

They look to be in different stages of development? Is one 2 weeks behind the other, or different phenos?

You’re joking? This is the only time they have been under this kind of stress and assuming that does happen then what? They’re screwed? One is a few weeks from harvesting.

Yep you’re exactly right right one is two weeks and a couple days ahead of the left. Right one never got yellowing leaves but left did.

Both autos

Have you been doing their flushes as required by FF trio? Salt builds up alot with FF and can cause nute lockout in the roots.


She looks hungry. But go easy since they are both in a little shock. They are more susceptible to nute burn before the soil is saturated.

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Usually run another gallon thru them 15+ mins later

Will do! Thank you!

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Like 15 mins after you fed them? If so, that’s not how to flush. I would follow the FF feeding schedule and flush schedule. Typically when I have to flush, I do it the next water after feeding so they eat up the nutes I gave them. You’re essentially starving them the way you are doing it, by flushing away all the nutes before they have a chance to absorb them.

When plants are at the end stages of life cycle and get stressed, they may pop nanners. No big deal for your older ladies, but with the younger ladies close by they can get pollinated and produce seeds before they are ready for harvest. I’m not saying this will happen, but you need to watch the buds on the older plants. If you see nanners popping you’ll need to get younger plants away from them asap :+1:

Here’s a pic of some nanners that I had from a similar experience.


I think I misunderstood you before, I meant 15+ mins after I water them. Not 15+ after feeding them.

Will keep an eye on that for sure! And damn if it doesn’t look just like a nanner :rofl:

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Ain’t, learning fun :grin::joy::rofl:


She’s thirsty right? Otherwise quite nice! :heavy_check_mark:

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Oh it’s the best! I’m so paranoid and worried over these girls you have no idea. First grow of course so it’s been kinda worrisome and stressful at times. It just sucks I’m like 9-10 weeks in for my bigger girl and I just don’t want anything to hurt them after so long growing lol

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still no need to flush right after you fed them. It’s counterproductive. Here’s the feeding schedule if you don’t have it. Alot of us went away from FF to Jack’s 321 fyi, easier to mix and no flushes.

I’ve seen others using the jacks I’m probably gonna look into that!