Leaves droop every evening and then recover by next morning

OG Kush Auto
Entering Week 8 from seed

Ever since my plant began transitioning to flower (at least I think it was about then) I’ve noticed that reliably, every evening after 7:00pm or so, until at least lights out, the leaves droop as if they are under-watered or otherwise stressed. The leaves are a nice shade of green and show no other obvious problem signs. This occurs whether or not it was a water/feed day. The next morning, usually about an hour or so after the lights have come back on, I examine the plant and it looks as perky as ever and will continue to look perky until that evening.

Does anyone have any ideas about this? I never noticed this during veg and so it caught me off-guard. Thanks for any input!

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I dont know for sure im on my first grow but i was having a problem where at the end of the 12 hours of lights on my tops were fallen over its was because they were exhausted from to much light that might be your problem but like i said i dont know for sure. So I lowered the intensity of my light but that didnt work so i raised it about 4-5 inches this was two days after flipping

This is a normal condition for these plants. They go to sleep after a hard day growing. :grin:
Nothing to be concerned about.
Peace and happy growing. :v:


Hey thanks! I suspected it was a cyclical type thing, but wasn’t sure.


I’ve noticed my plants doing the same thing. I think it has something to do with transpiration overnight. Always perky by the morning though!


I’ll 2nd what Oldguy is saying, that’s perfectly normal, they’re sleeping, it’s important not to wake them up, that’ll cause a slowdown, halt, and even a reversion if done often and long enough, it’s best they stay in the dark for the entire 12 hour duration.


@Shatter - Just for clarification, these are autos and I’m on a 18/6 lighting schedule. They begin to droop 3 to 4 hours before my lights go off. Do you recommend I adjust my timers so that I’m on a 12/12? Also, once the lights are off I’ve never turned the lights back on again.

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I brought my autos down from a 16/8 to 12/12 about a week ago. They are about 3 weeks into flower and still stretching almost an inch some nights

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12 inches?!?!

I am so sorry, I was saying Two inches in a 24 hour period.

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My regulars start to droop from exhaustion well before the 18 hrs. is up, it could be the light is slightly too close, but it’s a give’n’take because all morning they’re perked and stout.

Could be heat and lack of humidity too. It’s a real juggling act to keep them perked up the whole day.

I’m no expert on auto flower, I tried them and found they don’t suit my needs, especially cloning!

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I’m doing autos and at 18/6 and about a week into pistils showing.
I’ve done them before and tried 20/4 but they were dropping long before lights out. This time I’ve got about 1/2 to an hour before they’ll start to droop a bit. But always come back perky. I think I would only switch to 12/12 if I was having an issue with them not flowering but that’s just me.
Peace all. :v:

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I grew sour diesel photos and they would droop most every evening before lights out. Then look great every morning when the lights came on. Everything I’ve read seems to indicate this is normal. I wouldn’t be too concerned.


Just getting ready for bed :sleeping:.

Yes — think of this as your girls just going to bed! I wondered the same thing as this is my first grow too and I am also doing autos (Green Crack & Sweet Tooth)

With your plants growing like that, just keep on eye out. Sometimes it’s normal, sometimes not.

For me, I didn’t have adequate lighting as I fell for and bought one of those “1200w LED” that was like $150 on Amazon but they actually only put out 200w if that… this was a no no with two plants in my 3x3. Needless to say she would grow 5-7in in less than a week to get to the light. I didn’t figure it out until flowering and someone pointed it out. Bought a niiiice, REAL LED for $800 and she’s happy as can be. Also ended up having to switch to a 5x5.

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@beautifulL0V3 - Since the plant looks so great in the morning (better than I look at 6:45am that’s for sure), I’m pretty sure you all are on the right track by saying its a cyclical beddy bye thing. That said, I definitely keep a close eye on them!

As far as lighting goes, I’m doing okay, but the bud weight and overall yield will tell the full story in a few weeks. I too use inexpensive LED’s; however, I use two of them side by side in a 3x3 over a single plant with a total draw of 300w. One light is centered over the plant and the other is a bit off-center, but still over about 1/4th of the plant (she’s a bushy OG Kush auto). I also keep my lights only 18" above the canopy, which helps too. Still, down the road I’d like to buy a higher-end light. I’m interested in California Lightworks, Mar’s Hydro and a few others. What are you using? $800 would certainly get you a legit light source from just about any company.

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I took @dbrn32’s recommendation on Horticulture Lighting Group which has some badass LED’s. I’m using the HLG-600h in my 5x5 right now, possibly adding one more small 260xl later on. I’m using the cheap LED I had purchased on amazon to germinate/veg in my little 3x3 at the moment as I just started two more but will be upgrading that light first.

Definitely sounds like you’ve got enough light with two of those! I only had one trying to grow two plants lol!


You are doing great
Drooping towards sleepy time is completely normal auto or not my friend
And a lot of our seasoned growers here at ILGM are getting greater yields on a
12/12 - 12/12 through the whole cycle rather than the traditional 18/6 - 12/12
Try it out on your next grow you may be surprised