Can someone explain this? Drooping Leaves

Ive narrowed the problem down to the heater going out in the middle of the night which caused major droop in my plants. But it seems that only specific plants were affected. Does anyone know why? How can I bring the drooping plants back to normal?

oh no thats bad looking, I hope they recover for you. Are you in such a cold place?
Mine have seen 60F during the night lately (I had to look up and convert my 16 celcius) and seem to love it.
Not much help I can be but thought you could know what temps I’m getting. again I hope they turn around, looks like was going well

I’ve had plants that had night time temps in the 40’s, it stalled them out just before harvest. So instead of a Dec 10 chop, it was Xmas day chop.
Now I have lights on at night, and off during the hottest part of the day. This evens the temps out a bit, no extreme highs or lows. I also put 2" of Styrofoam under my tent to keep the rootball warmer rather than sitting on warmth-sucking concrete. And it’s more comfy on my old knees when I tend to them :rofl:

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Did they come around? I noticed your 74% rh, seems more than a little high.

I too gotta swing my light schedule soon, night air is getting too cold