Only 1 is turning yellow

Indoor LSD Fem. , 500w MH bulb , Using the Fox Farm soil, and Big Bloom nutes , liquid … My oldest girl is 18 days from her breaking thru the soil. Her first set of fan leaves turned yellow and I blew it off , I cut them off and now the second set is starting to do the same … I wait till my knuckle is dry before adding water and have only fed the BB nutes at 40% strength maybe 2 times …They stay between 72 - 80 degrees … The smaller 2 havent any issues … WTF ???

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Looks to be canoeing a bit? Have a breeze in there? Let’s tag some folks @AAA @Mrcrabs @PharmerBob see what they have to say.

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Is soil made for seedlings and starters? Seems like the soil has too many nutrients to start, your in veg so really for the first few weeks until they get established you don’t need nutrients. Wait for the plant to tell you she does by slowing growth, spotting of leaves and eventually just knowing the time by sight.

Small plants need almost nothing but water, also a 500w light for seedlings/starters is a bit much, would explain yellowing and canoeing of leaves also

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I have a fan blowing a light breeze … The leaves are pretty flat … The soil is a 25 lb bag ,

Small stones in the bottom for drainage …The light is a 1000w and I have it at 50% …

EVERYONE said this is the best soil for my girls … Using bat guano and worm castings were the explanation I received …

That soil has a lot of nutrients in it already. I would suggest you switch to plain pH’d water and give it only that until you are well into the flowering stage.
For future reference:
Fox Farms Light Warrior - nutrient free soil for seedlings
Fox Farms Happy Frog - medium nutrient soil
Fox Farms Ocean Forest - heavy nutrient soil.


You don’t have to trust us, it’s your grow and your decision on what you do, we’re just trying to lead you in the right direction

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@TommyBahama , I was going by the " Soil feeding schedule " that Fox farm suggested … Only Big bloom for the first 2 weeks , then add Grow big , then Tiger bloom etc …Why would they put this out there ( even has the competitions nutes ) if they arent needing nutes till flowering stage ?? They cover everything from schedule adjustments, conversions and I was only using 40 % of what they recommend … Not trying to be a dick or anything , Just my last grow , everyone said I needed nutes …

Their schedule is missing the first month, your plant will live 8 weeks veg 8 weeks flower


Plus they always want you to feed more than you should. It helps their pocket.


So pretty much raise the lamp a bit and dont add any nutes till the second month ? I read they can canoe from heat stress , there was a day that the temp went up to 90 for 2-3 hours before I realized it … Will moving the big one to a gal. pot help , or should I wait a bit more ??


Yeah, I just looked at the photo you posted, and noticed the first line which is easy to miss and I suspect most people wouldn’t even catch:

Use your preferred Fox Farm potting soil when transplanting seedlings…

They should be a lot more clear about that. Like “Don’t use these nutrients on seedlings” or “use basic soil until they get to the vegetative stage”


I know , The first box states " Seedlings and cuttings " … 6 tbsp per gallon , and I used 3 tbsp … I had the light at 9-8 " , I just raised it to 11" …

Well, there’s really not much burn, so I think you will be fine switching to just water. I can’t tell what size those pots are (1 or 3 gallon, maybe?) but if you see the nutrient burn go further and get worried, you can flush the pots with 3 times as many gallons of plain water as the pot holds (e.g. 3 gallon pot - 9 gallons of water).
But, it doesn’t look bad, so I would just continue watering with plain water as normal.

Not that you have to do this, but for future reference, this is how I stage my soils so the plant grows into the nutrients it can handle:


Well the thing of it is , is your using Fox and Farm witch is a hot soil for seedlings and then adding nutrients on top of that i’m surprised there not dead. Just back off the nutrients and just water for two weeks and she should recover

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Haha - I just looked at your photo again and noticed the oven thermometer which gives it perspective. Obviously those are small pots…