Lighting and feeding chart

The fox farm feeding chart I’m gonna do about 1/3 of what it says can someone explain it to me like do you start week 1 30 days from the day you plant the seed or what? And I have a 1500W led how close should I be from 6 seedlings?

Once the cotyldons, the round feeder leaves turn yellow and die, you can start week one of the feeding chart.

The light should be about 24" above the seedlings.

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What soil are you using, and please post a link or screenshot of your light.

The general measure most of us who grow in soil is no less than 4 sets of leaves before feeding at all. I myself put the date that the plant popped out of the ground on my plant markers @Clittle25.

I use an amended fox farm ocean Forrest and don’t usually add nutes until the 2-3month mark.

I am so new I am blowing it. My first set if seeds I drowned. Very sad as they were presumably the best seeds ever. So I have five left. I had them in water till they then I put them in grow pots for seedlings. My light is 2" from the pods. There are no leaves yet as I just did this today. I have fix farm soils. I was not aware I would need more nuets!! What is the PH leval I hear talk about! I just got scared!!!

So sorry. I really did proof read but my phone changed words. I am using fox fire soil. I need to know we’re is a good place to read about cause from reading these post I am gonna be in trouble again!! I planted the seeds in potting seedlings pots. I have them half planted in a little larger container with the fox soil around the little pods. I was told to mist these twice a day and do not water like a houseplant. My lights are LED 1500 whatt. I have them two inches from the pods and was told when the leaves peak raise the light four inches from the pot. After that raise the light four inches a week for four weeks. I am confused about feeding and PH levals. I thought if I am using this soil I would not need to feed but I am questioning that advice.

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If you’re using fox farm ocean forest soil you won’t need nutes for the first 6-8 weeks. If you’re using happy frog or light warrior it’ll be sooner.
There are many nutrient lines to choose from. Fox farm also makes a nutrient line that’s fairly straightforward and beginner friendly. Read every guide on this site, then read them again.
2" is too close to the seedlings for that light. CFL bulbs or t5 fluorescent could be used as you described and are better suited for the first few delicate weeks. I’d hang that 1500w led about 2’ from them and see how they react.
Get yourself a decent pH pen. Keeping track of water, nutrient and soil pH is vital for growing cannabis. There are expensive ones and cheap ones. I’d shoot for something in the middle. This is what I use.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I guess I’ll wait about 6 weeks to start the nutes then thanks fellas I just ordered 7 gallon grow bags because I heard a 7 gallon bag holds a true 5 gallons. This is my light I’m still waiting on my carbon filter and humidifier to come in before I set up.

Nice! They will love it. 24 inchs on the light. Maybe higher for seedlings. 28 and lower if u see stretch

No time limit on when to start or stop. But after cotyledons is the ‘norm’. As @Drinkslinger said Fox Farms Ocean Forest is extremely hot soil as is. So yea week 6-7 is a good window. But watch the girl. If lower leaves begin to lighten after a month or so… she maybe hungry. Looking forward to watching along with ur grow. Good luck my friend. N welcome to ILGM

Not bashing just imparting knowledge learned the hard way. Return the light if you can. Hlg all the way.