Foxfarm nutrients

can someone tell me what one of the three to start with and the order to use them.

Follow schedule

Hope this helps @ted
Figure out where you are in your grow by week and start there most start with 1/2 Strength nutes and see how your ladies handle to little is better than too much and easier to correct
Keep soil ph between 6.3 to 6.8 as per schedule
Good luck and happy growing


if I am in week 5 I can mix all 3 at 1/2 the dose to be safe?

Yeah just follow schedule and mix them in your water start half or less
What type soil your using if your soil has nutes already in it you might want to start slow
Add all three to a galllon of water and mix well check ph it tends to drop low for me my water starts at 6.1 before I ad nutes so check as you go
What I did was mix mine full strength and adjusted ph to 6.4or 6.5 then I put 1/4 gal of fresh ph water in my watering can (1/2 gal can )and added 1/4 gal of nutes mix and mixed it together watered plants
Watching run off ph


I started with 25% of what it says but that might depend on your soil. Easier to creep it up then to do too much and suffer through hurt plants.


Buy all three you won’t be disappointed plus I think you’ll pay 20 apiece if you buy them separately


Fifth week schedule if for 12/12 light schedule if you still want to veg your plants I would just stick with 4th week schedule until I was ready to enter pre flower stage (12/12 light schedule )
Happy growing


I am very new to this long story but I was on a 18-6 light but bought a new 600W mh and went to 24 hr light go try to ketch up on the slow first 3 weeks. Thay are growing good now and filling out .They got a little light burn from what I can tell so I moved the light up I might go a little more I am about 18"

Watch your leaves :leaves: if they taco :taco: curl up
Raise light leave should be flat
So if your going to stay in 24/0 or 18/6 follow 4 tu week schedule as discussed earlier and if 12/12 move to 5th and follow schedule
Hope this help bro happy growing :sunglasses::v:


Looking good
You been feeding her ?
What strain ?
Soil type ?

never fed it yet. IGM fruity mix pack blueberry, pineapple,strawberry autos foxfarm soil ocean i think its called thanks for all the replies

No problem
Looks good except for the light burn or maybe slight nute burn
I’m not an expert on MJ so I’m not really sure what it is
See if raising light stops it if not it’s most likely nute burn
Fox farm ocean soil have enough nutes for at least 4 weeks from what I understand @Matthew420 uses it maybe he can jump in here
There’s a lot of people here willing to help out
And tons of info problem I found the problem is trying to process and retain it all lol

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FF Ocean Forrest can bring you right up to flower. I just started using the FF Big Bloom &
Grow Big (about a week from flower) at 25% (3/4 tsp/gallon)

What you think is going on with her leaves ? Light burn? @Matthew420

What are you watering with? Didn’t see it.

I’ll let the experts give better advice but when I had spots like that I gave a small amount of cal-mag and it seemed to stop. The spots didn’t get any bigger, nor did they go away. But there were no more new ones.

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tap water at 6.9 and just adjusted ph down to 6.2 for the first time today i will get some cal-mag in the morning .thanks everyone

Worth mentioning just in case… Are you letting it sit open for at least 24 hours? Also, do you know the PPM of your tap water?

I don’t know what PPM is or how to check for it. I have been collecting tap water in jugs and caping them I leave them next to the grow room as needed .