Leaves starting to turn yellow. Any thoughts?

They are a little over three weeks old. I’m a new grower and just put them in ground about five days ago. The bottom leaves are starting to yellow and some have brown spots on the ends. Haven’t been feeding any nutes yet, just water. Not sure what to do or if it’s anything to worry about. Thanks in advance.

Strain; WW fem
In ground with ffof
PH: 6.8
What is strength of nutrient mix? N/A
Direct sunlight about 10 hrs
Temps; 90-95 day, 68-75 night
Humidity; 50% Day, 70-80% Night
Ventilation system; Na
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, Na
Co2; Na

Last one looks pretty healthy imo

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The sun can do some strange things to your leafs I think they look great the bigger they get the stronger they’ll get in hopefully the better they’ll look I’m guessing you’re yellowing is probably due to the Fox Farm soil it is a little hot but it should be fine if you need any further help just hit me up or whoever you feel comfortable talking to just put a @ in front of the name hope this helps :wink: @JohnThaRipper


Thanks @Hogmaster I appreciate it. I’ll be keeping a close eye on them!

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My leave are turning yellow with purple like red stems and my doesn’t seem to wanna flower. What should I do

Here’s another one of my girls yellows leaves at the bottom

I’m using the miracle gro shake and feed? Should I do something different

closer look

@Hogmaster can you help me

Can you help me @BIGE

Can you help me @bob31