Yellowing leaves while in flower

Strain; Alien OG and Green Poison

FFOF in 3gallon fabric pots

System type? NA

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?NA

What is strength of nutrient mix? Fox farm trio


Light system, size? 2 led true watt about 200ea.

Temps; Average 75-80

Humidity; Right now it has been some what high due to the fact that it is humid outside and the tent is in a shed. Trying to bring down humidity with a dehumidifier and exhaust fan in the shed.

Ventilation system; 6in exhaust and 4 inch intake with 2 small clip fan blowing air around

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, dehumidifier

Co2; NA

It appears the yellowing is on the fan leaves so far and started a couple days ago. I have taken off a lot of yellow leaves. I looked today in my notes and it has been about 40 days since I saw the first sign of white hairs. These plants are supposed to be autos and got them already established. I don’t believe they were from seed but clones. So if I had to guess they are around the 80-85 days old which would be an approximate time for finishing. The flowers look like they could go a few more weeks. So that has me concerned because the yellowing doesn’t seem to be slowing down. What I have done so far is flushed with sledgehammer and added week 9 of the fox farm feeding schedule. the ppm of the runoff is about 1000ppm and the pH is 6.4pH.

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40-50 days week 7-6 into flower some yellowing is normal you have already done what you needed ph and ppm are in decent range they just may be closer to finishing than you think :wink:


Thanks @Donaldj I was just getting a bit nervous and wanted to make I was on track. I have break out the jewelers loop.


I agree that sounds normal being that late into flowering. My photos did the same thing last grow and allntirned out fine. My current autos are starting to get a few yellow leafs as well and they are right around the same age as yours.

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Thanks @Jmesser80 yeah I am sure it is just my anxiety taking over and I am worrying about nothing.

you’re in the home stretch @Smokin_ernie!!! giggity giggity!!!

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I can’t wait to get home and check out the trichomes!


Or maybe that 3gal pot is the issue… To small for a photo plant?

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@Smokin_ernie The flowers are pulling all of the energy from the leaves sucking all the life out of them to make your flowers bigger and better you have nothing to worry about can’t wait to see pictures


I believe they are autos but not sure they showed signs of flowering before I switch the light schedule @M4ur


Thanks @Hogmaster I be sure to take some photos after work.


Sorry not best photo but this is the top bud of plant in question. Didn’t have much time had to flush 2 plants before lights out. Anyways I see how things go. There is very few brown hairs mostly white.

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Looks like mine I had a ton of white pedestals on my blueberry I went a head and harvested today because it was over 40% Amber all cloudy but it could’ve kept going being an auto I didn’t want to mess it up but you are an absolutely great shape it looks like


Took a quick look and no amber but very cloudy so let it go till the weekend at least if not one more week.


She looks happy let her do her thing


that was my thoughts as well. But your ppm runoff was high as well, wasn’t it @Smokin_ernie

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Yes it was @bob31 about 3800-4000 now with the sledgehammer flush they are down to about 1000.


Thats great to hear. Remind me what soil you are in? @Smokin_ernie


Fox farm ocean forest


How long in that soil @Smokin_ernie

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