One week in tent need feedbak on pics

ok my zittles in tent one week am sending pics for yuall feedbak, want to get it right plant is 4 weeks old grown 2 in since in tent im at 85 deg 65-68 humidity in coco coir watering every day jacks 321 does it look ok and should i stay with what im doing it looks bright green and seems healthy will send pics on progress for your help once a week tell me if pics are ok thanks yuall


Not an expert but Ive been told to slow on watering to allow the roots to become stronger and move deeper into the soil in search for water. Dont dehydrate them but maybe skip a day every now and then during the next 2 weeks and it should cause the roots to try and find water deeper in your dirt which is good for the plant.

sounds like good advice but thought with coco since it has no nuts in it you had to add jacks everyday but ive never watered any kind of plant everday so it make since thanks ill see if i get any more feedbak and then try it of cource pot aint any plant

Yes continue to water everyday.
She is looking good
Just try not to over water as she is still establishing roots.
Good luck


Out of likes, @Sincitytoker has you covered :love_you_gesture:


well i think ill take both of your advice cut back on amount but still everyday been using about at least 16 oz a day so cut back and let yuall know. thanks

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I don’t grow in coco but they are looking happy and healthy.

I grow in coco so just water wen u can lift pot with one hand. I’m I harvest now. harvest time blackberry coming down tonight stay tune - YouTube but u can check my grow out on here. Blackberry fin get chop tonight tho.

It looks like it’s ready to be topped or maybe even start some lst and get light to the lower growth. Looks good tho I think you got it so far.

again ask 1 ques get 10 answ but all advise good, i didnt think you should trim on autoflower but i do cut off sucker leaves after bud starts so as to get light to bottom buds not to sure about trimming though, only grew a couple plants outside 1 st indoor grow though, so i dont think i should start cutting on it yet maybe when bigger ill send more pics and go from there, thanks for more ideas

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One thing about coco is it is hard to drown a plant in it especially if 30 - 40+% perlite is added. Some don’t, I do add perlite. When they are young you don’t have to water every day. Just make sure the medium is always damp - moist. Always feed with Jack’s when ever you water. Intake will increase in volume and frequency as she grows.
I am neutral when it comes to topping autos. They are bred to be strong enough to handle it. If you don’t top you must manage the apical stem growth. You don’t want a 3’ plant that has a single 12" cola and all the rest of the buds are30" or more away from the light.
This is the last auto I grew - jack herer. She was not topped but was trained low and flat

A week before harvest. She was a very nice plant

Autos have a short vegetative period. If she is four weeks she could start flowering soon. That means, if you are going to top or bend her over and use LST it should be done now. Understand if you don’t want to and simply gain some experience.
One thing I do see is tight node spacing. The light could have been a couple inches higher to increase the distance between nodes. A little more spacing makes bending and tying the stem and branches much easier.
Things to keep in mind for your next grow.
She looks healthy so keep at it. Good luck.

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to beardless mostly my coco came with a 70 -30 perlitemix i preety much understand the need for perlite i also worry about lite on lower plant i just reciened my 2 x2 scroge net yesterday so as to spread branches, i think is is to soon to use a scroge sine she is only abour 12 in tall but maybe not, i will lower my water intake a little but will stay at everday, i wasnt sure about trimming, because of so mush diff from people i seem to thinkthe people who do trim have a hell of a lot more experence then me, but what and when do all youu guys think about using a scrode im feeling pretty good about my first indoor grow after hearing from all you that responded. thanks anything else yuall got to say im listening.

by the way im limited on lite distance since my tent is 24x24x48 im about 7 in from top at factory set power im also lazy like one other guy said afraid to mess with any thing now

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that is a hell of a nice plant mr beardless

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Do you have pest problems? Not being mean, notice a couple holes in the leaves and some chlorosis happening in sparse areas of the plant.

dont know what chlorosis means the plant just put in tent was outside first 3 wks i seen that spot outside checked real good before put in tent didnt see anything thanks

Wow that does not leave much for your plant. Do you have a fan and filter hanging from the ceiling of the tent? What is the recommended clearance above the light and above the plant? The pot also takes up vertical space.
Given this height limitation you may have to bend your plant to the side so it grows out more than up. The net will help you do this.
This is one of the scrog frames I use. The first net (mason line) is 10" above the soil’s surface. The second net is 12" higher.

Here it is three weeks earlier. They are just starting to grow through the first net.

Here I am bending the branches so they grow to the side and toward a square that is empty

The stem top center of this photo shows how much I hand to bend it. The term is supercropping

You can check out my thread at Another Clone SOG and TBD for more