Another Clone SOG and TBD

I will fill you in with the backstory later on but I figured it was time to get this ball rolling.
I have six purple haze clones in the 2x2 scrog frame. They are in 2-gallon tall transplanters filled with canna coco and perlite

They were transplanted on 7/31
I turned the rim of the pot down so it is actually in between a 1-gallon and 2-gallon.

They are fed Jack’s along with a few advanced nutrient supplements.
On 8/8 I started bending and tucking the main stems. I have the light around 24 inches to increase the internodal length.

Today I topped all of them. I debated about only using the scrog for training but I figured that would be pushing the little frame’s and my capacity. Additionally, I want to limit the number of colas. That part I will have to see how it goes. Also, this is my first attempt to actually use the net for training.
You can see what and how much I took off

It is all happening in the bathroom again. I took out the autopot because I didn’t know how to use it in this type of grow.

So, the TBD part of the title deals with how these girls will be trained, pruned and abused by my unfamiliarity with scrogging. The other part is what will I do with the seven PH clones I have left.
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I’m super pumped to follow along on this ride! I’m wanting to make a run line this as well in the near future. Thanks for dragging me along

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Omfg you’re gonna need a rope and a ladder just to Tarzan through the eventual jungle of trees….imma track this one for sure :star_struck:

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glad to have you along. We will see how it goes because I sure the hell don’t. Sometimes it works, other times, that is what Plan B is for.


There is a saying about biting off more than you can chew. Let’s hope I don’t choke on this one. I will keep my pruning shears at the ready.


I just love your grows…it’s better than tv reading through some of these :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t2:


You might just inspire me to put 9 little clones in my 27"x27"… what’s life if we don’t get a little crazy sometimes. Sheers… no joke there

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That is good to hear and very kind of you to say. I try to have some fun doing it.

Very cool! I did a lot of abusing to my girls too. They really responded well. Happy growing

A while back I did 12 in the same frame. Smaller pots and a much different strain. It was fun and a good learning experience.
There are actually 12 in there


Welcome. I have to get over and check out your outdoor monsters.


Awsome, thanks for the invite. Seems like you have the arrangement figured out. I didn’t think my g13 grow enough ended up with probably a pound and some but got some mold. The mold made me so nervous about hurting someone that smoked it I’m turning the entire harvest into extract. Not a complete loss but still a lesson learned.

Does that grow have a journal?

For watering the tight spaces I been using those watering rings all fed from a 27 gallon res and a fish pump and timer. The pump makes enough pressure to assure all get same amount. I tried gravity but too much evolved in lengths and pressure drops and some got way more than others. The pump way solved it. 10 bucks for the pump another 20 in tubing and tees. The more costly part is the drip rings or halos :innocent: but no more bending under there. Made the rest of the process even more enjoyable.


This is it Sea of Green Acres AK47 & NL Clones
The NL mother was small but had outstanding color and loads of trichs.


Thank you for that link!

Bummer sorry to hear that. The frame is on wheels and I can spin it so watering access should be OK. Frequency may be another matter. The exercise will be good for me.

Thanks for the tag @beardless you know I enjoy watching your grows always learning
I’ve got my :popcorn::bubble_tea::ice_cream: and I’m all set to watch, hope it’s all good I brought my friend along @Brobdab he/she just started a clone grow in mini pots kinda sorta like this… little more dangerous no net lol


Thanks for the tag @MeEasy

Definitely looking forward to following along :+1:

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Welcome. It is fun to give different methods and styles a try. Glad to have to aboard. I will check in on what you have going on.