Old liquid nutes

I was cleaning my grow room when I came upon some old liquid nutes I forgot I had. Big Bud and Overdrive. 250ml bottles the little guys. I’m guessing they’re about 3 years old (lol) and hardly any was used. There’s no expiration… how long of a shelf life do these products have? Anyone know? They still have that molasses sweet smell to them… just wondering. :+1::beer:

if there that old and you didn’t miss them i would throw them out


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My friend and I are starting a DWC for the first time and needs nutes. Wasn’t sure if we could use them. I have no experience with growing in DWC. I’ve always grown in coco, Greenfields to be exact. Suggestions?

I don’t but maybe @soilgrowth could help you out


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Thanks! :+1::beer:

I wouldn’t use them. Humboldt nutes. A and B work great. Especially for dwc.


Excellent Soilgrowth. Thanks for getting back. I really didn’t think they’d be good but you never know. Lol. I believe that’s what we’re going to try… we’ll see what happens. Any first timer advice? I’ve grown in coco for years… like # plants per gallons of h2o? We have a 5 gal with 4 sites - but can adjust accordingly.

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You will have to play with the system to figure how much water. 4 sites plus 5 gal res. Might be 7 or 8 gallon of water. Do you have a system already. ? If so get it set up and running for 2 days before you put the plants in. Get it stable and get it right. And keep it simple. I also use golden tree ans snow strom ultra. Humboldt nutrients also.

And you might be able to help me . I am designing a coco hydro flood to waste system.

Ok. So 5 gal probably not enough room for 4. I’ll go down to 2 sites.
We’re using a 5 gal black bucket. Air stone and pump. Clay pellets and baskets. Very simple… considering it a trial run. If it goes well we’ll expand to a couple buckets. The idea behind this is to see if DWC has more over-all control of nutes and pH. I’m comfortable growing in coco but shuffling buckets and testing run off on every plant can be tedious. I’d love to just dip my syringe - test pH and ppm/ec. and be done with it. Lazy eh?

Sounds interesting… I’m not familiar. More info?

Like this.

And 4 sites is good for 5 gallon. Very good

Oh. Ok. Mine has the nets and pellets on top of the lid of the reserve with the air stone bubbling underneath. Did I describe that accurately enough?

You have a pump that pushes the water to each bucket. The one we’re using is in one bucket. Not as sophisticated as yours. LOL!


Make sure you us h202 once a week in a system like that. This is a good full system for 150$

That would be the next step. Just want to see if we can operate and manage this simple format them “move on up” as they say. Really looking forward to it. :beer::+1:

I’m a fan of Hygrozyme. I’ve used it for years and never had any problems - but that’s in coco. H2O2 for cleaning or extra oxygen? or both?

Both. And it works well

I’ve used it before to lower pH and add that extra oxygen molecule. Seemed to work well in coco although I have no scientific proof. Only happy flowers. lol! I’ll definitely be trying it out. Thanks for taking the time with me Soilgrowth. I’ll show you my progress as it moves forward. :+1::beer: