Old liquid nutes

I use madfarmer get down. To lower my ph. Its has no dies or any as a by product.

Nice. I use this is coco! LOL!

So is that a bloom only nutrient?

Yes. It works really well but it is really powerful. Burned many a plant back before I knew what was up. Ha! Crispy fried. I mostly use Roots Organic Foundation, Grow and Bloom now.

And this after I cook my soil. Literally bake it in the oven. I never have pests but I do have to amend the coco.

Floranova bloom is great stuff for what you doing also.

I think we’re gonna do the Humboldt A&B as you suggested. Fired up! :+1::beer: Thanks again!

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I think thats best. As my dad use to say k.i.s.s. keep it simple stupid. Its jus a saying keep it simple.

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Totally agree. That’s exactly what I want. Simple… and I am stupid. Lol!

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Sry i wasn’t calling you stupid

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I was calling me stupid. LOL​:joy::joy::joy: No worries!

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This is similar to a Warerfarm. Great self sustaining system for 1 plant.

my $.03 worth on the old nutrients. In general nutrients do not have a shelve life over a year or 2 for a few reasons. With that said. If it were me, I might be inclined to try them on 1 plant and plan on it not going well. If it does go well, then you have a nice surprise and can use them up.

If you look for a new nutrient system; I suggest Robert’s Flower Power. I am doing a grow with it to prove it out, and I love the ease of use, and how far it actually stretches.

Happy growing :slight_smile:

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I’ve used his stuff before with killer results… the only reason I didn’t keep using was immediate availability.

Some of the biggest tastiest buds I’ve ever grown.

Have you seen are look into New Millinieum nutrients are Remo nutrients?

I have not… but I will now. :+1::beer: