Pnieapple haze,white widow,supersliver haze

7 days old put in dwc today


Thanks for sharing. We do not see many grows with only T5’s. :slight_smile:

had 2 4 foot t5s and 2 weeks ago i added 400hps thanks

Looking good!

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What was the weight of each, I’m curious?

How mich do you think you’ll get from these 3 you have in hydro?

finally harvested all 3 the pinnapple was 5.04oz don’t know the weight of the other 2 yet their still hanging to dry looks to b about 3 or 4oz off the widow and bout 4oz off the ss


Man I want to learn hydro so bad , but gave it a try and did not get far into the grow at all and failed , but I’ll try it again .

Yoshi from what I’ve seen of your post’s you should give a simple DWC 1- 2 buckets a try you’d love it and i know you’d dial it in Fast … Hammer .


I tried hammer I couldn’t figure out how to keep the ph balanced without nutrients and couldn’t make 3 weeks before I killed it .

why no nutes ??H

thought just hit me if no nutes can you still use granma eggys .
'think i spelled wrong " fulvic and humic acid it mite help control with the ph ??

So you can start nutrients from the very beginning , I did not know that ? Wow I fell bliss , but okay so in that case I need to figure out the nutrient ppm for seedlings and how high the water level should be and try it again . I also just seen this air injection method for soil , which I’m very curious of trying , if I can get some kind of filter material that’s required . But it’s definitely on my mind to try it , because I think your bud is more of the light color in hydro than the dark color in soil .

I use mesh pots about a quart and fill it with round clay pellets water level about an 1’’ or so below the mesh pots .mild fert’s, lot’s of fine bubbles because i grow more then one or two at a time i also use a circulating pump . and return lines .and one bucket as a control for water level and a place to add nutes and ph up or down … but i read an article a couple months ago about those two products and their positive effects on ph … best wishes on the hydro … H

about 4 weeks till there rip for the pickin

these are 3 1/2weeks old just raised the light up a lil


Looking good …great job !!!

thanks I’m bout to start 2 new seeds tomorrow if u wanna try the hydro grow again I’ll help u through it I’ll post water level when i feed and nute strength per gal I’m using foxfarm nutes grow big hydro,big bloom,tiger bloom,microbe brew,kangaroots,open sesame,beastie bloom,cha ching


Good deal , I’ll follow your thread if you write one definitely .

pic of the new lady gonna switch her to start flower this weekend


Oh my that scrog will explode in growth in two weeks , wow great job vegging .