1st grow-MA-White Widow

*Started germinating two WW seeds, bought ten from Robert, in peat type plugs on 1/30
*Two 23 watt 6500k cfl on 24/7 about 3 inches from tops
*Both sprouted on 2/3
*Transplanted both plugs into separate 1qt containers with Black Gold soil.
*Temp @ 76-78 degrees Humidity low at 30
*Water every 3-4 days, mist 3times a day
*Fan on low blowing on plants

*Filtered city water and PH down to approx 6.5 / Second watering I PH tested runoff @ 5.0 / Water out of faucet (filtered) is 7.0 so next watering will not add PH down then test runoff.
*Purchased GH FloraDuo but will not add until much later
*Final grow space will be closet w/sliding doors 5’6" x 3’2"
*Purchased from Amazon ViparSpectra 450 watt LED for the closet grow. Will use four to eight 100 watt (42watt) CFLs for side lighting if needed

I’m doing this grow by the seat of my pants. I’ve been reading every website and blog I could possibly find for the past month so I understand the basics very well but I do understand that growing plants is a bit like baking. You better do it correctly from the start or you just might have to start all over again. That seems like half the fun, for a first grow at least.

Plants look healthy and are growing fast. I will try to attempt to upload a picture or two of my plants however no promises since I am working from an Android. Anyway, any and all comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Truly loving this site by the way.


The bottom leaves are looking a bit dreary with a dried tip on one. Should I worry?

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I tried uploading photo of 2nd plant but as far as I can tell it will not upload. I’ll figure this out at some point.

@BobWags, you clearly made your homework and seem to be well prepare, I have no doubt that you gone a be succesful :+1:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Thank you Niala. I hope you’re right. I think I will be okay as long as I don’t get cocky :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :innocent: and by the way, welcome to ILGM forum :person_raising_hand: :innocent: :v:

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Thanks again but you all will probably be pretty sick of me within a month :slight_smile:

Most probably not, will see Lol :sweat_smile: :wink: :innocent: :v:


Al, the tip of that leaf look a little but burned? Or something just reread no nutrients yet…

Welcome @BobWags to ilgm. I’m also in MA as are quite a few of us.


Most probably from the PH swing he has had, however he adress it or in the processus of doing so @bob31 :wink::innocent:

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Thanks for the welcome, Bob. Isn’t the new MA law great? Now I just have to learn to smoke again. I gave it up, ohhhhh I guess when Huey Lewis and the News had their first number one hit :slight_smile: If you are old enough you will understand that joke.

I’m wondering if that leaf tip burn isn’t from misting too many times during the day with the light only being 2-3 inches away. I’m going down to twice a day and see how it goes. I’ve also turned off my lights tonight for the first time since the sprouting. Going to leave them off for four hours and then turn them back on. I have a timer but I just have to hook it up. Lazy and tired from shoveling snow.
I’m going to try to add the picture of my second plant again. I don’t know why it’s not uploading.

Ugh. Still no upload. Weird.

Are these white widow autos or are they photo ww… ?

:v: :sunglasses:

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Absolutely the new law is great. I’m old enough and some. I’m 57.

I hope you weren’t out there shoveling tonight? It’s brutal here where I am NW of Boston .

Could be a touch of light burn. I only used a t5 while I was misting. When I put on the big lights I switched to watering the soil.

Internet is flaky here. Took me 5 minutes to post this response.

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Not auto. Feminized white widow.

Ahh, so you understood the Huey Lewis joke so then realize how long it’s been since I’ve smoked.

Im thinking too that it might be light burn. I keep reading that with CFLs you can get them up to two inches from the plant but I’m beginning to question that. I moved them back an inch or so.

I have been misting only because the humidity has been so low. It got down to 25% so I misted and put a bowl of water in that little area which brought it up to 30%.

Earlier I shoveled part of the roof and my back porch which is pretty large. I went out with a sledgehammer, which I snapped off the handle after 2 min, and broke up ice on the sidewalk. In a few minutes I’m going out for the first of many shovels tonight and tomorrow. I feel like I’ve ran the Boston Marathon without training first.

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Okay , so if they’re light-sensitive that means that you’re going to have to stand inside your closet and see we’re all your light leaks are in figure out how to fix them because even a pinhole worth of light coming through will cause your plans to have seeds in some form or another whether their premature or full adult seeds , but you will have issues so double-check that because if I’m not mistaken you said something about a double sliding door and I can’t imagine those block any kind of lite… as far as any sliding doors I’ve ever seen… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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actually after taking another look, it appears that the leaf I was looking at may have gotten burned a little when it came in contact with the soil. Maybe when it was thirsty? Or after watering. Your plant looks really good to me, doing well.

try to keep those lights as close as recommended otherwise your plant will just grow to the light it needs and then you wind up with stretched out plants.

@peachfuzz is spot on about the light. You’re gonna need to address that unless the room that closet is in has total darkness for 12 hours a day?

Right. I’m going to purchase a sheet of visqueen to cover the doors. I’m then going to have to jury rig a ventilation system, most likely using pvc with a couple of 45 degree elbows and duct tape.

Standing inside with the doors closed is a great idea. Who knows what other leakage may be in there. Thanks for that suggestion. I probably just should have bought a $65 tent.


I didn’t know that leaves in contact with soil can burn them. It makes sense now that you say it. For one day last week I placed a clear plastic cup over that very plant to see if it would bring up the humidity. It did but far too much so I removed it. Those bottom leaves were slightly larger than the cup and it curved them down, touching the soil.

My CFLS are about 3 inches from the tops. I should bring them closer still?

Welcome to ILGM Mad Scientists group. You would have a hard time finding a better place for growing advise. We all are aiming at the same goal, good harvests with BIG BUDS!

Growing in a closet with those type of doors is likely to cause problems. Unless you are absolutely sure it is light proof, I would use a tent in the closet. @peachfuzz gave you good advise to stand inside and see about light leaks. remember it only takes a small leak to potentially ruin you crop. Just a small pinhole of light can turn the plants in Hermies, NOT a good thing. A $65 tent is small price to pay for having some really great weed. Think how much it costs to buy quality weed. Nice LED by the way! Should give you some good buds.

As you go along, do NOT be afraid to ask questions. We all help each other here. Another good reference is Robert’s Grow Guide, a free download. Also, at the top of the page is a guides tab. Click on it and go to “Symptom Checker”. That gives you a LOT of information on taking care of plants. I have a grow at “Strawberries in the Grow Box” under grow journals. Am having a blast growing Robert’s Strawberry Kush. Good luck on your grow. Jerry