Need help with my plants

Strain; Type, White widow seeds from

sunshine advanced mix #4 (am told this is a soilless mix)

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.5 if I tested correctly
What is strength of nutrient mix? Full strength vermicrop organically (Vern veg)
Light system, size? 600w M H for veg

Temps; Day76 Night 67

Humidity; Day, Night around %30 (wood stove drys out the air)

Ventilation system; Yes, 440 c f m with carbon filter

I am currently growing 5 white widows.
2 of them are not doing as well as the others. The 2 that aren’t doing as well do not seem to be using up the water as fast as the others. The pots still feel heavy after 6 days. When I watered them the last time I watered until it started coming out the bottom of the container.
I’m not sure what to do to get these plants back up to snuff. I was told I need to lower the Ph in my medium using ph water. The tap water I am using ph around 7.0. With the run off around 6.5. I safe In assuming my root zone would be around 6.3 or so?

I’m new to growing. Last year I used the same set up and had no issues but this year I am having issues.

Should I flush all my plants with PH’d water?

Here are a few pics of my plants.

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You’re correct, pH is likely a big contributing factor in your issue, a soilless mix needs a pH of 5.8, I believe when you make this correction, all other things being in line, you’ll see Improvement, good luck!

Should I flush my plants with PH’d water or should I just water them normal with PH’d water?

A few of my other plants are getting big and I want to switch over to flowering soon but need to get this issue straightened out before I do that.

I’ve never flushed my plants before and would prefer not to have to but ultimately if that’s what has to be done the that is what I will do.

Last year I didn’t have any issues and only used one of the metal probe meters to check my medium and with those style probes not being as accurate maybe I just got lucky and the PH in my water and soil last year was closer to where it needed to be.

Hi @Jmesser80

A true soil less mix should have a ph of similar to hydro of around 5.8

If your putting 7 in and getting 6.5 out you are way too high.

On your next watering you need to lower the pH of water in to 5.8 and then water and see what your runoff is before you make any further adjustments.

I can’t tell from the pictures either if there are sufficient holes in those buckets for air and drainage?

Bob31 thank you for the reply.

That’s what I was leaning to but thought it wouldn’t hurt to get another opinion from growers who have been through it before.

There are some holes in the bottom of the buckets. I also put a few on the sides of the buckets towards the bottom to help with drainage.

Actually last night I was checking hem out lifting the pots to check how much water was still in and they are getting closer to another water session. When I lifted them up I checked to see if I had enough drainage holes and noticed I have some roots growing out the drainage holes. (See pics)
From what I’ve read these roots will air prune themselves. So it is looking like I have good root growth at least.

Yep they are fine. There is a post on here somewhere… I think @BobWags and there are some good pics of what the holes should look like in a 5 gallon. Bucket… However don’t put anymore holes in yours as you could damage some roots.

Sounds like they’re OK for now. I will try and link in the pics Im talking about just for reference.

@Jmesser80 here is the post I was talking about

1st grow-MA-White Widow - #128 by peachfuzz

there are more pics lower in the post.

Hope this helps!

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Interesting. I wouldn’t have even thought of putting the holes up the side in that type of pattern but it makes sense.
Before my next grow I will be sure to add some more holes in my buckets adding additional holes to the bottom and additional holes up the sides in a pattern like in the pics in that post.

I have a total of 5 plants 2 of them seem to be doing better than the others. Though all of them seem to have the PH issue. I’m just waiting for all of them to dry out a bit more before I water again. Should be ready for watering tomorrow I hope anyway.

I ordered a PH pen and that should be here today. I already have the PH test kit with the drops but want to get a more accurate reading of the water I putting in to be sure I’m right where I want to be.

Hoping dropping the PH down will take care of
My issues as 2 of my plants are getting big and
I want to get them switched over to flowering but want to get the PH in the right spot before I do so.

Thanks again for your help. I’ll try and update as I move forward.

Thanks bob, I was hunting for that, @peachfuzz does it with a soldering iron, he says it works great…!

Hey I just noticed that your status got bumped up… nice … you’ve always given good info… makes sense… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

Yes, props to @peachfuzz on the poking holes with the soldering iron trick, thats a keeper!

ok @Jmesser80 sounds good. I use these. I like them, they are easy to lift and they definitely dont hold any extra water in them. Lets the air get to the roots too!

I used 3 gallon this grow because I didn’t have a lot of room.

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Are those pots reusable?
Just curious. They are cheap enough to get new ones each grow but a penny saved is a penny earned.

I don’t know? I just sort of figured they could be re-used after cleaning them out and hanging them out in the sun to dry up any leftover roots and then just crumble up the roots and use it again? Hadn’t really even thought about it, but I’m not a throw away kinda guy…

This is my first time using them but I’m sure someone can answer that.

I like the idea that they allow airflow into the soil to help dry it out a bit. I can see where that would be benificial.

Do they seem sturdy? Or are they floppy?

I take my plants out of my grow room to clean periodically so just want to make sure everything stays together during the move.

no they are pretty heavy duty actually. The handles make them easier to lift and move around. Once you put soil in them they stand right up!

Hello bob31,

Update in my plants.

I watered them today with PH balanced water of 5.8
I measured the runoff and they range between 6.0 and 6.3.

My PH pen arrived yesterday so I used that to determine the PH of my water and runoff.

Last time I checked my water with the drops and thought it was around 7.0 but come to find out my water was more towards 7.8 - 8.0 so I’m pretty sure my problems will be solved after a few waterings with lower PH water.

What do you think?

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That works! I would say you should be able to sit back and relax some! Thanks for the update!

Thanks for your help! I’ll keep you updated.

I like your emblem. I’m a New England residence!
Go Pats!!

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Hello again bob31

I was just curious. How long before I would see results for adjusting the PH with my water?

I know it depends on the situation and the grow but was just curious as to when I could tell if adjusting the PH in the water going in had an effect.

I imagine it will take a few days at least to see anything change. (Who knows fingers crossed I’ll get
Home from work and they will be greening up and happy)

Thanks again for your help.