Odd my plant outgrew my tent?

Hey guys,
Is it weird my femanized auto-flower seems to have outgrown my 2x2x4 tent? This is my first grow and I was under the impression the fem autoflowers were a generally small smize. I have my light now attatched directly to my top crossbar and my top bud is only 8 inches away, it’s drooping not looking great and i can only imagine the distance is too harsh. Any thoughts apart from upsizing the tent next time?
I have a few friends growing fem auto’s and there’s is no where as big. I have not fed nutrients or done anything special. pH always in range.


That’s a good thing. They already went through stretch so they won’t get taller but you can do a little pruning starting at the bottom with the big fan leaves other than that it looks a little thirsyy

I would gently bend that tall over towards one wall and tie it there. The rest of the plant is good once you get that one some room. But I’m betting it’s either heat or over watering that caused the drooping.

But I’m sure some of the more experienced growers will have more input.


It looks underwatered to me. The veins are very pronounced like the leaves are dehydrated. 8” from an LED is plenty. It won’t get taller but I agree I would do some LST and bend that top cola so the others grow and have light.

Looks good other than being thirsty and probably hungry if u haven’t started feeding bloom nutes. U will see deficiencies soon if not in a full cycle soil.

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4’ is tough. Next time bend the branches back before the stretch. You could also try scrogging.
For now I’d follow the advice of others and pull the colas down a bit. No one wants to burn their buds at the end.
And, good work👍

I had autos. White widows were relatively compact, I also had Colorado Cookie and Pineapple Express, and they were taller, so it depends on the strain, strength of lights, container size, topping, etc. Pic link below.

Your plants look sweet though. I agree, perhaps there may be a bit of under-watering, but otherwise they look sweet. If you haven’t nuted yet, they are going to get hungrier an hungrier and with eat through what you got in your soil quickly.